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New Pokémon Sun and Moon Details Arise, Including a Better Look at Alola and its Legendaries

June 2, 2016 / 12:26 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

On May 10th we finally got our first real look at Pokémon Sun and Moon, which will be released on the 18th of November worldwide (23rd in Europe, sadly) this year. Back then we saw what will be the starter Pokémon of the seventh generation, being the Grass/Flying type Rowlet, the Fire type Litten, and the Water type (and least popular) Popplio. The Pokémon Company have decided to reveal more information regarding the game today with a brand new trailer.

The two mascot Pokémon for these titles have been given more information on. The legendary for Pokémon Sun is called  Solgaleo, which is a Physic/Steel type with the ability Full Metal Body, a new ability that prevents its stats from being lowered by the effects of an opposing monster’s move or an ability. According to the website, the Sunne Pokémon has been honoured as an emissary of the sun, whilst also being referred to as ‘the beast that devours the sun’. Its signature move is Sunsteel Strike. Lunala, the Moone Pokémon, is the cover star for Pokémon Moon. Its ability is Shadow Shield, another distinct power, which allows it to take less damage from an attack when at full HP. Lunala has the Physic/Ghost typing and its signature move is Moongiest Beam. You can see the two below:


But that isn’t all. Like what many have suspected, the region of Alola will be comprised of islands, much like the country of inspiration for these games; Hawaii. There are five in total, with four being ‘rich in natural beauty’ and an artificial island. More characters have been unveiled too. The protagonist (i.e you) has been revealed to be customisable like those from the Kalos region, and your journey begins shortly after moving into the region. The professor this time round is Professor Kukui, who is passionate about his research into Pokémon moves, sometimes receiving direct hits from Pokémon in the process (poor guy). He also sports his own style with his lab coat casually slung over his bare torso. Lillie is Kukui’s assistant for ‘personal reasons’, and is about the same age as you. According to the site she isn’t fond of making Pokémon fight in battles, but she loves to read, having read many books. She will also play a key role in the game’s story, which hopefully is a hint to a Pokémon game with a bit more plot, much like Black and White. The final character to receive any information is your rival, Hau. Like Lillie, he is the same age as your character, and will be the first friend you meet after moving into Alola. He also craves malasada, a popular treat in the region, and is always in search for the next malasada shop. Hopefully like the rest of Pokémon fans around the world, he has a big heart and really loves Pokémon. You can see them, in the order of being mentioned, below:


Hold your Ponytas as there is STILL more news about the seventh generation of pocket monsters! The Pokédex this time round is inhabited by a Rotom, a Pokémon that can reside in different electronic devices (we’ve seen it take over a fridge and a lawn mower of all things before too). The Pokédex has long been a part of the series, being a part since the originals. Aside from recording Pokémon data, it now has its own personality. As such it seems to almost be acting as a guide, as it shows your current location and your next destination, on top of giving your advice based on what others have told you. It is said that this is an extremely rare device, and even in Alola only a good couple have a Rotom Pokédex.

Rotom Pokedex

Also revealed is a QR Scanner feature, which enables different QR codes to be scanned for different Pokémon’s data. What I mean by this is that once a QR code is scanned, the corresponding Pokémon will have its data registered on your Pokédex. If you have yet to catch that Pokémon, you can check its habitat and search for it. You can check out concept art for it below:

QR Scanner for Pokemon

Will you be picking up Pokémon Sun and Moon at launch? The next generation seems to be gearing up for something truly special, fitting for the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

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Like many other game writers, Matthew was brought into the gaming world from a young age. He aspires to be a games journalist in the future. Oh, and he's from the UK, so there's that. He also does Nintendo Podcast System, just in case there isn't enough Nintendo on this site.

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  1. Matthew Williams

    While I don’t see what the big hype is about a Rotom-infused Pokedex, I am excited about many things in the upcoming games. This includes:

    1.) Five islands?! That sounds like a lot of land to explore (which I’m hyped about). I will heed warning here, though: while five islands may sound like a lot, I hope Game Freak doesn’t treat this as an excuse to make the islands extremely tiny.
    2.) Introducing new Pokemon, besides the legendaries and starters. How many new Pokemon do you think we will see get added for this generation?

    • Matthew Gibson

      Five islands sounds really cool too! The region shown is just concept art, so I can imagine that the region in game will be quite big (hopefully). As for new Pokémon I’m not too sure how many we’ll see get added, but I’d prefer somewhere in the 85-110 range. Kalos was a tad bit small (but made up for that with Mega Evolutions), so I think this will be a good target. If it’s one thing I have to say, this game looks GORGEOUS! The overworld looks so good, UI seems to be quite clean, and even the battles have extra details now! It will be either this or Fire Emblem Fates taking GOTY this year for me!

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