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New Pokemon Go Details Released, Details Include Battling and Capturing Wild Pokemon

March 24, 2016 / 3:22 PM

By: Matthew Williams


Days after a Pokemon GO gameplay demo was released on YouTube, Niantic Labs (Pokemon GO developer) has finally released details surrounding the upcoming mobile game. The game will, unsurprisingly, have features similar to Ingress, which is Niantic’s first location-based mobile game.

Pokemon Go’s primary premise will be around capturing Pokemon that can be found in the wild. Using a Google Maps overlay, users will be able to walk to their favorite real-world locations, and identify wild Pokemon that may inhabit it. To make things more realistic, Niantic has stated that certain Pokemon will only appear near locations similar to their native environments. For instance: if you want to catch a Magikarp (because who wouldn’t want to), you may have to visit some aquatic environment, such as a lake or ocean.

Users who encounter wild Pokemon will be able to capture them with in-game Pokeballs, which can be activated by tapping your smartphone’s screen. Pokeballs and other in-game items will be obtainable at locations called ‘PokeStops’. PokeStops will be associated with ‘interesting places’ in the real world, which include monuments, museums, and other cultural/historical places of significance. The concept of setting up PokeStops at “interesting places” is a feature pulled directly from Ingress (which labels them as ‘portals’).

Capturing wild Pokemon isn’t the only method for acquiring new ones. Pokemon eggs will also be introduced, which will require walking a certain number of steps before it hatches.

Finally, the concept of battling was introduced, albeit, it isn’t what you may exactly envision. Niantic has stated that players will be able to join one of three teams that will compete at local gyms. These teams will combat for ownership of said gym, which can be claimed by either: a.) placing one of your own Pokemon at a gym your team currently owns, or b.) battling with an opposing gym’s Pokemon. Should you defeat the opposing gym’s Pokemon, you could claim ownership of that gym.

Niantic has promised to reveal more news in the upcoming days, so be sure to stay tuned with VG Tribune as we learn more details surrounding Pokemon Go.

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