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New Little King’s Story Screenshots Released, Includes Giant Strawberries

July 14, 2012 / 9:49 AM

By: Robert Alarie

Konami has released some new screenshots in English for the upcoming downloadable Vita game, New Little King’s Story, which is a sequel to the 2009 Wii title of the same name.

The game puts you into an RPG adventure mixed with strategy elements in which you must save the various kingdoms of the land, rescue the princess, and defeat the Devil King. Aside from the graphical overhaul, this sequel uses both front and back touch controls, and also includes various online features as well.

New Little King’s Story is set to release on the PSN for the Playstation Vita sometime this Summer. You can check out the rest of the adorable screenshots after the break.

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Living in Montreal his whole life, Robert was introduced to gaming at the age of 3. He grew up playing Super Nintendo with fond memories of the many classic RPGs and Adventure games. He recently attended and graduated from Dawson College leveling up his artistic abilities.

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1 Comment

  1. TheKing

    It looks a LOT more like a remake than a sequel to me :/ and i don´t have enough words to say how dissapointed i am, not only because i won´t be able to knw what happened with Corobo and the kingdom of Alpoko, but because they totally transformed a beatifully made masterpiece into an almost generic japanese pikmin-like casual rpg (weird genre, i know).
    Whatever i guess…

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