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New God of War Announced

June 14, 2016 / 7:00 AM

By: Akeem Bacchus

Source: Playstation Youtube Channel

During the opening of the conference Sony has announced a new God of War. Gameplay was shown live and can be seen above. The game is gorgeous considering this is still in early stages, and one immediate change I noticed was the change in perspective. The camera seemed to be over the shoulder with a more personal feel. As the demo begins, we see a young boy, who we learn is the son of Kratos. As he approaches from the shadows, looking older and calmer, he can be seen mentoring his son by teaching him how to hunt, however it is not long before things go south. A few things that caught my eye are the possible RPG elements involved. When Kratos follows his son going after the tracks, a popup can be seen that says “knowledge gained, tracking +25.” This could hint at separate areas and take a route similar to tomb raider. When his son closers in and misses the first shot, you can see a type of “rage” meter popup as Kratos begins to get angrier. It will be interesting to see how this feature plays out throughout the game. They are soon attacked by creatures, and are brutally dispersed, the only way Kratos knows how to handle his enemies. Based on the up close brawling, quick time events will continue to play some role in the God of War series. From a weapon standpoint, he is only seen using an axe, which seems to glow when an enemy is near, and he is also able to throw the axe, which is then retrieved somewhat like a boomerang.  One thing I am curious to see is if this play between father and son continue.

Moving on in the demo they are attacked by some type of giant. This seems to be influenced by Norse mythology, in a frosty environment. Combat seems to borrow from Dark Souls, in that Kratos is seen attacking and dodging, whereas older games he would use brute force many times to overcome foes. It is during this fight with the giant that the rage meter seems to go back and forth until we see something familar, Spartan Rage. Kratos unleashes all his anger and scales the titan, brutally beating it, and requesting his son to finish him off, however his arrow misses, hitting him, so he finishes the job himself. One element that I would like to see more of is if the combat involving his son will continue throughout the game, or if Kratos will eventually venture off on his own. Continuing with the demo, we see the son get the deer and Kratos helps put him to rest.  With that we hear some final quotes and the demo ends. Don’t expect this to come out until sometime next year or later, but stay tuned right here for more on this reveal.

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