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More Information Released: Nintendo Network, Miiverse, Internet Browser

November 13, 2012 / 11:34 PM

By: Jesse Waldack

Nintendo released another “Mini Nintendo Direct”, if you will, detailing additional information about Nintendo Network.  Some of the highlights of the video can be seen after the jump, if you would rather read the info instead of viewing the above video.

  • Nintendo Network
    • Each Wii U system can have up to 12 unique user profiles.
    • Each user will have their own game settings, game saves, browser bookmarks, and play history.
    • Nintendo Network ID required for eShop, Miiverse, Nintendo TVii, and Wii U Chat, one per system.
    • eShop and Miiverse available next year on other devices (smartphones) via Nintendo Network ID.
    • No monthly fees required to use the Nintendo Network.
    • System update required out of the box to enable Nintendo Network services.
    • Information on Wii-Wii U system transfers will be released in a few days.
  • Miiverse (info based in Japanese videos, so I may have missed something)
    • Wii U seems to boot to WarraWarra Plaza.
    • Games integrated with Miiverse can allow users to send messages about games from within the game.  Other users can reply in text and drawings.
    • You can support other user’s comments by clicking a “YEAH!” button (similar to Facebook’s “like”).
    • Posts can be marked as “Spoiler” to remain hidden to readers initially.  They can click on them to be viewed at that point, if they so choose.  Posts not marked as Spoilers that should be will be flagged as such if enough people state that it should be.
    • Miiverse is a system level app, so all games can access it with HOME without ending the game.
    • If you die in the same point several times in a game, a message will pop up asking if you want to share it with other players.  Then when they die at the same point in the future, they could read your, and other’s posts from the same area.
  • Internet Browser
    • Just like Miiverse, Internet Browser is available by pressing HOME in a game without closing your game so you can return to it when you are done.
    • TV Remote controls are also available in-game, so if you are playing a game on the GamePad, you can use the remote control features to change the channel on the TV without interrupting your game play.

Also, while it seems Iwata likes bananas, Bill seems to like oranges.   You’ll see what I mean if you watch the entire video.

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