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Miyamoto Visits 3DS Mii Plazas

March 25, 2013 / 11:40 AM

By: Jesse Waldack


This morning, my Mii Plaza received a rare SpotPass hit.  Miyamoto’s Mii visited Mii Plaza stating that he is playing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.  With his visit, he gives you any puzzle pieces from any of the puzzles that you are missing, a good chance to get one of those rare pink puzzle pieces.  He also counts as a level 5 character in Find Mii.

This is the second Miyamoto Mii that I have in my system, receiving the first one back in 2011 when I was at E3 when he was using his personal (Non-Nintendo, Non-Gold Pants) Mii.  I have video proof of that, here.


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