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Max Payne 3 Local Justice DLC Impressions

July 6, 2012 / 3:52 PM

By: Staff

The first batch of Max Payne 3 DLC dropped on Tuesday, and after spending a few hours on the new maps playing with the new features, I can safely say that the Rockstar Pass is proving to be a solid investment.


Here’s what you get in this bundle-

-A new faction to play as in the new maps and deathmatch mode: the SPP, Sao Paolo’s Police Department, with as many customization options as any of the other factions, all unlocked from the start, allowing male characters to play as unsung hero Da Silva, who has some great dialogue (a favorite of mine is, “I have a file on you!” in a taunting manner).

-The new M4 assault rifle. It’s accurate, it’s got some long range capabilities, and it can hold its own at close range. It feels a lot like a more precise AK-47, without entirely replacing it (the AK has it when it comes to close range shootouts).

-A new item, Fast Fingers, which greatly increases the speed in which you loot enemy bodies, and it proved to be very useful when I played with a heavy loadout, as it increased the rate in which I got painkillers, letting me stay alive and really rack up the kills.

-Most importantly, it comes with three new maps.

—The Imperial Palace Hotel is probably my least favorite of the new maps, but it is still a solid addition to the game. It is a very dense map, with two stories and lots of hallways. On one end is a wide open atrium-type area, in which snipers can set up shop and pick off any stragglers. I’d say that this map favors a straight Deathmatch over Team Deathmatch or Payne Killer, as the advantage is with the side that holds the open ground, and it can be quite tough to retake.

—Based on the location from Chapter 13 of the story, 55th Battalion HQ is my favorite of the new maps, featuring a circular layout and a combination of open spaces and tight corridors. Team Deathmatch is excellent here, as is Gang Wars, and this is the only map in the new pack which supports it.

—Finally, The Departure Lounge, based on the hectic action from the final level of the game. Comprised of two areas, the actual departure lounge and the baggage loading area, linked by a few narrow corridors (narrow corridors are a welcome theme in this pack!), although the action tends to lean towards the departure lounge, because it is simply way cooler than the baggage area.

-Also included in the pack, for Rockstar Pass members, are the pre-order bonuses. You get the LAW rocket launcher, the Listening Device item, which increases your hearing ability (mostly useless), the Pill Bottle item, which lets you carry up to three of the highly addictive healing items, and two bursts: Deadly Force, which increases damage for a short time, and Slippery, which allows you to escape from firefights or sneak up on unsuspecting campers. Also, you get the Cemetery Map, which is great in Payne Killer, and the ability to play as Max Payne, based on his appearance from the original game, with squinty-eyed constipation fully intact.

After spending quite a few hours on these new maps, I’m very glad I purchased the Rockstar Pass, and if this is any indication of what’s in store in the future, then Max Payne 3’s online experience will only get better.

If you don’t have Max Payne 3 yet, check out our original review HERE.

Are you playing the new pack? Got any opinions on the multiplayer? Let your voice be heard in the comments!

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