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Level-5 Announce that New Prof. Layton and Inazuma Eleven Games are in the Works

June 24, 2016 / 3:59 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

During a NicoNico live stream earlier today, Level-5 announced that brand new titles for the Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven franchises are happening, and both will be fully unveiled at this year’s Level-5 Vision event on July 27th.

The Professor Layton series first debuted on the revolutionary Nintendo DS, and since then the main line of games has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. The last we have seen of the puzzle-solving, top-hat-wearing professor was in his crossover with Phoenix Wright, but Azran Legacy was his last true adventure (as in, the last in his own series). Layton 7 was a spin-off title announced back in 2013, and no true information has arisen since then. Regardless, it truly is wonderful to see this series make a comeback. This new adventure will feature a brand new protagonist, which excludes Layton’s son, Alfendi, who appeared in the mobile game Layton Bros.: Mystery Room. Akihiro Hino has shared some concept art of the game too:


A new Inazuma Eleven title was also shown off. Now I won’t blame you for not knowing what this game is, as for one it hasn’t sold as well as the aforementioned games, and only the first game has been localised over in the U.S. It’s another RPG much like Yo-Kai Watch and Little Battlers eXperience, in which you control football team using a variety of over-the-top moves, special tactics, and all sorts to win. Much like Professor Layton the series has been absent for a good while (although we are still waiting for the last game in Europe), so again it is great to see it gain another title. It will be going back the the roots of the original trilogy (along with being set in the same era too), so no crazy Avatars or fusing with your teammates this time it seems. In addition, it will also be receiving another anime series, and if you haven’t watched it, it is quite good (just prepare for dealing with a lot of ‘soccer is our lives’ kind of thing though). Concept art has been shown off for this too:


These two announcements are far more than welcome, especially in light of the fact we have learnt that the UK may be going to the dogs by leaving the EU. Anyways, both of these franchises are some of my favourite in the industry, so being able to experience new stories and characters is just fantastic. Voice your opinion on what dormant franchises you want to see back too in the comment section below!

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