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Latest Pokémon Games Leaked (Spoilers)

February 25, 2016 / 2:43 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

Sun and Moon

What you see just here are the logos for new Pokémon games: Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. And judging by the fact these seem to be two versions of the same thing (as Sun and Moon contrast with each other like previous installments like Black and White), it is extremely likely that these are the seventh generation games. Personally, I like the sound of them, as they seemed to be named after something much bigger in both scale and importance than jewellery or letters. These titles broke out on the EU trademark website, where both the titles and their respective logos were, well, trademarked by none other than Nintendo. If this isn’t a sign that this is legit, than I don’t know what is:

Sun and Moon listings

Make of this what you will, but there’s no denying there’s something going on. And if anything, this will be the big announcement that is awaiting Pokéfans across the globe in tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct. Either way, there is plenty a reason to be excited for this game’s reveal trailer, like how the game will look as well as the soon to be stars of the game, the legendaries and starters (assuming this is a new generation of course)! It is Pokémon after all, why NOT be excited?

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