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La-Mulana to finally release, mark debut of new service

July 11, 2012 / 12:38 PM

By: Staff

As the old saying goes, better late than never. After well over two years of localization related woes, the remake of La-Mulana is finally ready to make its first international release via localization service Playism, which will also use the occasion to mark its debut. For the uninitiated, La-Mulana is an action-adventure (or Metroidvania, if you will) archaeological romp by Nigoro, a small team with a deep love of old computer games, who released the thing as freeware. It became a bit of a cult classic for its nods to the old school, and all the uncompromising challenge to go along with it. (DeceasedCrab’s entertaining Let’s Plays definitely didn’t hurt either.) It was well received for being tough but fair, offering a few contemporary concessions to offset the difficulty, and being wider in scope than the games from which it took inspiration, specifically Konami’s Maze of Galious for the MSX. The remake, which is even more forgiving if less slavishly retro, was released in Japan on WiiWare last year, and had been on Nicalis’ plate until they recently pulled the plug via tweet, leaving that version of the game hanging in limbo. Thankfully, Nigoro made little secret of the PC version that was in the works.

That the game would not debut on Steam has been met with some disappointment. It is important, however, to note that the more distribution services there are, the better it is for the marketplace. More to the point, Playism is also dedicated to localizing other doujin games, and the success of La-Mulana here will also lead to even more making it over. Better still, other distribution platforms (i. e. Steam, Desura) are still very much on the table!

La-Mulana will cost $15 when it releases on Playism.

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