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Japan’s Next Splatfest pits McDonalds Fries Against McNuggets

September 5, 2017 / 12:03 AM

By: Alex Romero

While North America and Europe are still reeling from the victory of the power of flight over the power of invisibility in this weekend’s Splatfest, Splatoon’s twitter has revealed a rather tastier match-up for Japan. In a collaboration with McDonald’s, players are being asked to side with either fries or Chicken McNuggets.

To me, the answer seems kind of obvious: McNuggets of course! The fries are great and all, but it’s the nuggets that are the main course, and the fries are just a side! If you order a 10 piece McNugget meal, you get fries as a side, so this whole argument seemed like a moot point to me. But a bit of research may have made me question everything I believe in…

While here in the states, McNuggets are sold as the main course of a meal, the McDonald’s Japan website lists them as a side, right between fries and salad (but two steps away from corn, thankfully.) This changes everything! Imagine that! Being able to get both a burger and McNuggets as part of a value meal! The cost, however, is dire, as the tried and true side of fries are left out of this deal. And thus the conflict is created, and the decision has to be made. Do you stick true to what you know and get fries with your meal, or do you double up on the meat and opt for McNuggets?

This is the dilemma Japanese players will have to answer when their Splatfest runs this weekend, September 9-10. Meanwhile, we in the states have larger McNugget issues to deal with:

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