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Is the MadCatz Triton Wii U Headset worth the Money?

December 6, 2012 / 10:21 PM

By: Will Thompson

With any console launch comes the title wave of third party accessories. Growing up as a kid, I learned first hand the difference in quality that these accessories can have. Not just in performance, but actual comfort ability. I’m sure many of you have lived through the horrors of third party controller at a friends or relatives house? Luckily enough, I’m not reviewing a blister inducing controller, but a headset made specifically for Nintendo’s new Wii U console.

When I first head about MadCatz’s new Triton Kunai headset I honestly didn’t know why it had such a long name. Nor did I know why anyone would spend 50$ on a console based headset in the first place. I can understand wanting to have a certain level of microphone quality while playing a multiplayer game, and being able to hear your team mates when they reply to you. Being able to hear “frag” clearly is the difference between an internet fight and surviving the round. Not to mention past console headsets required you to split your consoles audio to the TV and the Headset, before before being plugged into your controller. Ultimately ending with a long wire on your floor just waiting for someone to trip over it.

Fortunately that last statement isn’t the case with the Kunai headset for the Wii U. That’s because the GamePad controller is a wireless device that receives audio from the console. It is due to this streaming, that I wondered if there would be a huge difference in the quality between the TV audio and the controllers audio. If the headset would even allow you to hear a difference in the sound fidelity. Mainly because of all the data the controller receives through streaming, and sends to the console.

This is where the Kunai surprised me. Not only was I able to hear a difference in sound quality between the headset and the GamePad, but I was able to pick up on some subtle sounds and minute details that I didn’t hear with the GamePads speakers. I figured this boost in sound quality had to do with the 40mm neodymium magnets in the headset and earcups hugging your ears. There is no room for audio to be lost.

Like most headsets released now a days it features an audio slider on the headset chord and a switch to toggle between the microphone being on and off. This headset also boasts some unique features. For example you can remove the microphone when you are not using it. It’s as simple as just twisting it, and pulling it out of the headset, and doing that in reverse order to put it back in. The Microphone is also super flexible and maintains any shape you put it in. I have used headsets in the past have had microphones that had similar microphones, but they ended up losing their pliability. Since I choose to not to remove the microphone from my headset after I installed it, I constantly was moving it around and out of the way. I am pretty certain that this microphone won’t lose its flexibility, even after months of use.

If there is one thing that makes this headset stand out. It’s the fact that Kunai works the same with Nintendo’s current generation of handhelds as it does with the Wii U. That includes the entire 3DS line. Allowing you to use just 1 audio jack for both the microphone and the audio side.

As I said before, I wasn’t expecting much out of the Kunai headset when I first heard about it. After using it for a few weeks the headset has more than surprised me in terms quality. In fact I have a hard time going back to my GamePad without the headset. My only complaint with the headset is how the very short the wire is. At about 40 inches (a little under 3 and a half feet long) it is the perfect length for use with the GamePad and the 3DS. I can see why MadCatz did this, but it limits the usability with other electronics and devices. Another extra 2 feet of cable would of made the headset perfect for me.

The Triton Kunai headset comes in 3 different colors, Black, Red, and White. Works well with both video chat, and multiplayer games. You will definitely notice a significant sound quality increase over the GamePads speakers. The headset also fits very comfortably on your head with its padding and form factor. Allowing you to adjust not only the headrail, but swivel the earcups to fit comfortable around your ears and when you have the headset resting around your neck. For 50$ it’s a pretty solid headset, and a good alternative to the Wii U GamePad’s microphone and speakers, as well as the 3DS.

VG Tribune gives the MadCatz Triton Kunai Headset for Wii U a 4.5 out of 5

This review was based off of a review sample provided to us by MadCatz.

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  1. Ariel

    I was considering getting one of these, but now I think I’ll definitely get one.

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