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How to Easily Remove an amiibo NFC Chip Without Visibly Destroying the Base

February 12, 2015 / 12:33 PM

By: Zac Erickson

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With the arrival the New Nintendo 3DS XL only a day away, I began realizing that I really didn’t want to have to carry an amiibo around with me in order to use the functionality while on the go. I came up with the idea of creating a laminated card to carry in my wallet with the NFC inside, so I became determined to get the chip out of it. I found a few pictures on reddit, but there were no videos. So here you go, internet.

Here are also some pictures on what the finished product looks like. I drew the one side using pen and colored pencils, and used the Samus AR card for the opposite side. After trimming the excess laminate away, it fits nicely into my wallet and is still fully functional.


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Neuroscientist. Podcaster. Father. Geek. Zac has always preferred handheld gaming over consoles, and spent a big chunk of his youth with his face buried in his Gameboy. He has a wide range of professional interests, mostly centered on a multidisciplinary approach to improving quality-of-life, multimedia approaches to education, and the gamification of self-improvement.

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