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Here’s when and where you can watch the Nintendo Switch presentation

December 13, 2016 / 3:43 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

Every Nintendo fan, if not every gamer, has some sort of interest in the Nintendo Switch. A little while after the console’s reveal, Nintendo announced that a special Nintendo Switch presentation would air on January 12th 2017. With the date just under a month away, the big N have revealed more specifics, albeit very slight.

It is more to do with the timing. For those in America it will be at 8 pm PT and 11 pm ET, and the link to tune in is right here. If you happen to live in Europe and fancy waking up pretty darn early, then you can watch it live from this link here, and set your alarms for a 4 am GMT/5 am CET showing the following morning on the 13th. These times aren’t typical, as going by UK times Nintendo Directs normally come about either 2 pm, 5 pm or 10 pm. But remember that in Japan, it will be held at the largest convention center in the country, being the Tokyo Big Sight. There will be trade partners, financial analysts and media in the audience, so 1 pm makes logical sense over here.

There have been many (and by that I mean a gargantuan amount) of rumours surrounding the system. From a GameCube Virtual Console to a Mario RPG crossover with the Rabbids of all games, it’s good to know that a good year or so of rumours and speculation can be disclosed with January’s event. Will you be tuning in, and what are you expecting/hoping to see for the system? Let us know down below!

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