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Hands On With Super Smash Bros. for Wii U at Best Buy SmashFest

June 11, 2014 / 9:25 PM

By: Jesse Waldack


Today was the first day of two for Best Buy’s E3 SmashFest.  Like last year’s, Best Buy event, we got the full E3 treatment:  Standing in line:


This is what the line looked like when I got there an hour before the event.  The line was short, only one isle up and one isle down.  I guessed that it would take about an hour to go through it.  Shortly before the event started, I looked behind me and the line went all the way back to the far wall:


More photos and a video of a game session is after the jump. Click on in for more …

The line ended up taking almost two hours to get through.  With Pro Controller in hand, I finally get to see the character select screen:


For some reason, the Player 4 and Player 2 controllers were paired to P2 and P4 respectively, which I didn’t know until half way through my game.  Though once I was in control of my character, I think I did worse than before I knew what was going on.  The game looked pretty, but not being a Smash player, I really cannot comment on the game play.  I hope Roger, who is in LA for E3 this year, was able to get some time with the game so he can give us some of his thoughts on the game.

They also had the 3DS version available to play, but I chose to pass that and go right to the Wii U version.  I was not able to record the 3DS gameplay anyway.  I do not think that the players would have stayed still long enough for me to try to capture a video.

After my game was done, I was handed the pin that I have as the article image.  There was other items available to take, but I chose to leave them and just take the pin.  I moved behind the next set of players and made this recording, so I can show you the game play, which ends in a tie and a Sudden Death match with Players 1 and 3 and was entertaining to watch:

The event was scheduled to go from 4PM to 9PM.  With it taking almost 2 hours to get through two isles worth of people, there is no way that anyone past probably half way back in the store was going to get a chance.  On my way out, I took one last look at the line and it seems the people standing in line had not come to the same conclusion that I did:


Did you get a chance to play the game at Best Buy this afternoon?  If not, you can try again on Saturday from 12PM to 5PM local time.  Click here to find the Best Buy near you with the demo.

Let us know what you thought of the event and the game play in the comments below.

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