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Half Life 3 to be Shown at Gamescom?

August 14, 2012 / 8:02 AM

By: Will Thompson

Valve has made this week a surprising one. Unveiling a new co-op mode for Team Fortress 2, releasing info on their new Source Engine (Source 2), and even showing off their new design for steam. Even with all the great news, there has been a few hidden secrets kept under wraps this week. One of which was the cover for next months Game Informer supposedly sporting something to do with Valve. While, its hard to be an optimist with Valve in general due to their humorous ways of trolling and making their fans work for information. A lot of people have been speculating that Half Life 3 info would be released soon.

Specifically at Gamescom due to their presence at the convention. However, an official Gamescom PDF containing all the games viewable at the show was leaked today. This list contained a few games that were not announced like Dragon’s Age 3, but the most notable game on the list was non other than Half Life 3.

If Valve is really showing off Half Life 3 at Gamescom it would mark the end of a long running joke that Valve can’t count to 3. It would also give them a distinct opportunity to show off Source 2. It would also mark that Half-Life 3 has been in development for over five years. Since it was originally set to appear back in 2007 as the third chapter in the episodic chronicles of Half Life 2. With the amount of polish and shine Valve gives its games, the new Source 2, and the overhaul to steam itself, it seems like it would be the perfect time for this game to be shown to the world.

Update: The PDF was altered at the request of Valve and EA. Here’s a screen shot before the update.

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  1. Zack

    After looking through the PDF, it looks like it’s been updated to get rid of Dragon Age 3 and Half-Life 3. PLEASE LET THIS BE REAL.

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