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Giving It That Ol’ Deadpool Try: Upcoming Game’s lookin’ Good

October 5, 2012 / 12:30 PM

By: Staff

With Comic Con literally weeks away, there’s much to look forward to especially in terms of video games. New York Comic Con is usually the testing ground for most companies to gain enormous fan interest for any upcoming games and the better the game, the more the cash will roll. Although I keep my eye out, very few games really peak my interest. I’m an admittedly old fashioned gamer very content to sit back with Spyro (the original, not the rebooted version), Croc, Crash Bandicoot and Spider-Man and relieve old memories instead of trying to catch up to the current world which moves so fast it gets me dizzy. But then I heard something this summer that blew my mind greater then when I finally got a copy of Evil Dead’s Fistful of Boomstick.


Now before I start fanboying out like a true “nerd”, there might be some of you who don’t know the Merc with a Mouth. There might be some of you who missed his hysterical cameo in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, his laser eyes and utterly unfaithful depiction in X-Men: Wolverine Origins, or his hilarious but generally deadly guest spot in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions or Marvel vs. Capcom 3. There’s always that small group of people have no idea of the face behind the Regeneratin’ Degenerate. That’s cuz he wears a mask, stupid. But before I start talking to these little yellow boxes, let me tell you the top 10 reasons you should totally be excited for this game produced by Activision and developed by Blue Moon Studios for a 2013 release.


1. Deadpool is a failed Weapon X experiment. The same guys who made Wolverine the legendary badass he is today tried to do the same thing with Wade Wilson. Unfortunately the procedure that was to cure his cancer worked a little too well and left him with a terribly scarred complexion, awesome assassin skills, and drove his already unhinged mind further into insanity and that was just in the Eighties, a truly crazy time for us all.

2. He has a healing factor. Deadpool cannot die, no matter how many people want him dead including himself at times. His Weapon X treatment works on replacing the cells his cancer destroys thus making any injuries he sustains inconsequential. Although he no longer maintains this ability currently (for now), this incarnation gets put down and keeps on coming. I’ve been told that the player will have the option of either sewing the limbs back on or waiting for them to grow back as they progress. This could be interpreted as gross or opening to the possibility of stretched out and long game play but when has that ever stopped us before? With the quality of the graphics, I can’t wait to see that.

3. He is a mercenary and master assassin. After Weapon X rejected him, he made a name for himself as a mercenary with quite a body count. He is constantly armed with a array of guns, ammo and his two Katanna’s which are strapped on his back at all times which allows the player a nice assortment of ways to dispose of his enemies although Wade is rather creative when it comes to killing and spilling. Seriously, I think I saw a bouncy castle in the trailer. I DON’T KNOW ITS PURPOSE BUT I WANT TO FIND OUT WHY.

4. Deadpool is insane. The Weapon X program pushed his already warped mind to the brink of insanity and has left two side effects which have been staples of the character. One, his narration talks to him. Instead of traditional comics where the boxes have given us insight to the characters thoughts and feelings, Deadpools famous yellow boxes actually offer input and conversation with our leading man. In this game, he has both yellow and white boxes ( a fairly recent addition to Deadpool mythos) talking as Deadpool contemplates his next mission or where he can get a good burrito.

5. The second side effect of his insanity is that he knows the truth. Deadpool is aware that he is a comic book character and will constantly break the fourth wall, a fact that other Marvel characters disregard as another condition of his mental health. As shown in the trailer, he will constantly make jokes and interact with the player as the game goes on. In press releases he jokes that he hired Blue Moon Studios to make the film about him, I’ll bet he says the same thing about the money Marvel makes off his likeness.

6. There have been confirmations of Wolverine and Psylocke cameos. Some people forget that Deadpool was once affiliated with the X-Men in his early years and was also a member of the covert assassin team X-Force lead by the time-traveling soldier Cable. They would later find success teamed up together in an extended series in the early 2000s. Lately, Wolverine, Psylocke and Deadpool have all been members of the current incarnation of X-Force and I wonder if they will remain cameos or if we’ll have a fight scene or two. You can only wonder if other classic Deadpool characters like Blind Al, Weasel, Bob Agent of HYDRA, Big Bertha will also make appearances in some capacity.

7. Nolan North is confirmed as the voice of Deadpool for the video game. Nolan North is a voice actor champ known for voicing Nathan Drake in Uncharted, Desmond Miles in Assasin’s Creed, The Penguin in Batman: Arkham City and dozens of other roles that show a wide plethora of versatility and professionalism. Nolan’s no stranger to Wade, having previously voiced him in the animated movie Hulk Vs. Wolverine and in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. I’ve seen him in both incarnations and let me say, I approve. The man knows the way of the Deadpool.

8. Daniel Way is the writer of the game. Although other famous names like Joe Kelly and Fabian Nieceza have been associated as contributors to Deadpool’s awesomeness, Daniel Way has clearly carved his own niche into Wade’s infamy. He’s been writing the main series based on the character since 2008 which will conclude this year with issue 63 and in that time, I have enjoyed his entire run. He had Wade tangle with zombie babes, fight with Pirates, slug it out with a Hit-Monkey( seriously), bump heads with Norman Osborn, join the X-Men, fight Dracula’s, assault the Queen of England, and even fight an misshapen evil Deadpool made from lost body parts collected over the years. If that one guy could write one character dealing with all of that in four years, I can only imagine what he’s got cooking up for this video game. Please lets see Deadpool in a French maid outfit again.


9. Deadpool is the biggest pop culture junkie in the entire Marvel Universe. Whether its Mortal Kombat battle cries, subtle yet awesome movie references (Where we’re going, there are no rules), or his known affection for Bea Arthur, I’ve read this modern attitude continues in the character and I couldn’t be happier. How could you not laugh as Deadpool humming “Smooth Criminal” in pursuit? Also keep an eye out for the sweet Terminator reference as well.

10. We need a game like this. So many video games these days are dark and complicated and advertised as such. Not every game can be Arkham City or Assasin’s Creed yet you’ll see imitators and others following such trends. Yes this game is dark, gory, violent and absolutely whacky and it revels in its identity  and purpose. It knows the exact kind of game and characters its parodying and has a great time doing so. No wonder Deadpool yells “SUCK IT WOLVERINE!” at the end of the trailer, he’s the direct opposite of the iconic character and it’s time for him to shine. Or about time he hired someone to make this awesome game about it. Either way, the Deadpool Cometh!

So yeah, thanks for sticking around to the end of the article. Underneath are a couple of related links that if you aren’t already counting the change in your piggybank, this might peak your interest long enough to keep the date marked in your calendar. Remember, 2013: The year of the Deadpool.


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