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Game Freak’s Secret Project Revealed

July 23, 2013 / 10:33 AM

By: Zack O'Neill

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Well, I can’t say that I really saw this one coming. Game Freak’s new game that was teased on their site a few days ago has been revealed to be Soritiba. The “surprising collaboration” was… Surprising to say the least. The game is a crossover between horse racing and solitaire.

Gameplay consists of switching between solitaire and horse racing as the race goes on. You collect power ups by playing solitaire to help your horse, or you can directly control your horse on the touch screen.

And you can expect this game in just 8 days if you live in Japan, as it releases on the 31st of this month in the 3DS eShop. Now if they could just go ahead and hop on that Pokemon/Digimon game, that’d be great.

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