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Fox News’ New Segment Logo Rips Off Bioshock Infinite Logo

July 3, 2014 / 11:29 AM

By: Zack O'Neill


The logo for Fox News’ new segment, “Defending the Homeland”, bears a striking resemblance to Bioshock Infinite’s logo. The segment also just happens to be about immigration (likely how it’s ruining America and how we need to close our borders, judging from the title), and let’s keep in mind that Bioshock Infinite was a game about Turn-of-the-century sky racists who treated any non-white person as slaves and secondary citizens. Here at VG Tribune, we do not make political commentary, but do with that what you will.

Here is the logo in question, directly from Irrational Games creative director, Ken Levine’s twitter.

In response to someone later asking if it was copyright infringement, he simply stated “It’s irony.”

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