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Fluidity: Spin Cycle Announced for Q4 eShop Release

August 13, 2012 / 3:11 PM

By: Roger DiLuigi III

In what is possibly the best under-reported news of the day, Nintendo announced this morning that their WiiWare critical darling Fluidity will be getting an eShop sequel in Q4. We here at VGTribune were absolutely massive fans of the original game, awarding it with a perfect score upon release, and cannot wait to jump back in the watery world of Fluidity. While details are scarce on the game as of right now, one can assume from Fludity: Spin Cycle‘s title that it will take advantage of the 3DS’s accelerometer capabilities to deliver an experience similar to its home console sibling’s.

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Roger is probably best known throughout the “interwebs” as the man behind TopHatProfessor in the Professor Layton Twitter viral marketing campaign. Roger is a Chicago-based actor and Theatre/English graduate at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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