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First Impressions: Miitomo

March 17, 2016 / 2:48 AM

By: Alex Romero


Miitomo, Nintendo’s first major foray into mobile gaming, has just launched in Japan, so let’s take a look at what it brings to the table!

At first glance, it’s clear that Miitomo is a spinoff of Tomodachi Life. After linking your MyNintendo account and either creating or importing a Mii character, you’re presented with the same voice synthesizer and personality options featured in the 3DS title, and then presented with your Mii’s personality type based on your choices. In my case, it told me I’m an easygoing dreamer.IMG_5908

Afterwards, you’re introduced to both your Mii and your main interaction with the app, answering questions! Lots and lots of questions about you! From basics like “What’s your favorite food?” to the more thought provoking “What’s the dividing line between a friend and a sweetheart?”

And thus comes the true focus of the app, getting to know your friends. Once you add friends, either locally or through linking with Twitter and Facebook, your answers are shared among them. You can visit your friends and have them spew out facts about themselves, or talk to your own Mii and have them tell you what they’ve heard. It’s a really adorable way to get to know things about your friends that perhaps you’d never have thought to ask!IMG_5915

Reacting and commenting on your friends’ answers rewards you with Miitomo Coins, which are used to fund the other major aspect of the app: Fashion. The shop allows you to spend your Coins to purchase a wide variety of clothing for your Mii, from simple essentials to wacky costumes. Basically, just a way for you to show off your Mii and stand out from the crowd. You can also try to win pieces of clothing in a Plinko style mini-game.IMG_5910IMG_5921

So far the only microtransation available is for the purchase of Miitomo Coins, which are in no way required to enjoy the game and are earnable through normal play. Useful if you really need that cat outfit right away!


Miitomo is expected to launch in the west later this month.


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  1. Matthew Williams

    Great article! I’m interested to hear if Miitomo will be launching on iPhone and Android devices simultaneously.

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