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Final Fantasy 15 Demo Released/ Release date Announced

March 30, 2016 / 2:56 PM

By: Akeem Bacchus





Image Source: Google/Gamespot

The official release date for Final Fantasy XV is out and, well it is familar. Mark your calendars as September 30th 2016 is the day! Information came pouring out regarding Final Fantasy 15 during the event. Since there were a few announcements, I will list them off below.

Deluxe Edition $89.99


Preorder at Amazon, Prime Members save 20%

PS4  , Xbox

Also available at Square Enix Store

Collector’s Edition $279.99


Square Enix Store exclusive, limited to 30,000 units per console. SOLD OUT!

A special 5 episode anime series was also announced,titled the Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV as well as a CGI movie titled KingsGlaive:Final Fantasy 15. This movie features the likes of Sean Bean, Aaron Paul, and Lena Headey. Trailers can be seen below respectively.



A new mini game titled Justice Monsters Five was also announced for mobile devices.


Last but not least, a demo titled Platinum Demo was released tonight. This demo will not be in the game at all, you will take on a unique story playing as Noctis in a dream state. If you complete the demo the cuddly character that assists you can be unlocked in the game when it releases.


All Image sources are from the official Final Fantasy XV Website


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