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Figure News Roundup for December 11th

December 11, 2014 / 4:41 PM

By: David Jones

Happy holidays, Tribuners! There’s been a lot going on in the collectible world lately, so let’s jump right into it because several items featured here are hot and going fast. If you see something you want, I highly suggest you lock in your order.

amiibo – $12.99+ Each

These are going to be a recurring topic because amiibo will continue to launch in Waves as we head into the New Year. As we’ve seen from the initial dozen amiibo that launched alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, they aren’t going to be available for long. At this moment it is next to impossible to find Wii Fit Trainer, Marth, or Villager amiibo unless you look on eBay or Amazon, and they aren’t cheap.


Some amiibo are retailer-exclusive. If you see your favorite Smasher on this list, make sure you grab one before they’re gone.

Toys “R” Us – Lucario – Pre-orders are sold out, but you might be able to find one of them in the store when they release on February 1st, 2015.

GameStop – Shulk – Releases February 1st, 2015.

Best Buy – Meta Knight

amiibo Waves 2 and 3

The second and third waves of amiibo are already selling out online, so act fast!

Wave Two: Zelda, Little Mac, Diddy Kong, Pit, Captain Falcon, and Luigi.

Wave Three: Lucario, Rosalina & Luma, Bowser, Toon Link, Shulk, Ike, Sheik, King Dedede, Sonic, Mega Man, and Meta Knight.

You can find and order amiibo from:


Best Buy


Mega Man Mega Buster – $79.99

ThinkGeek has a full-scale, licensed replica of Mega Man’s arm cannon, the Mega Buster! You can fire single shots, or charge up the Buster for more damage! It features trigger-activated lights and sounds, a display stand, and power up/power down sound effects!

Shovel Knight ShovelBlade – $19.99

ThinkGeek has an official 8-bit full-scale foam replica of the ShovelBlade from Shovel Knight! This is the primary weapon Shovel Knight uses to battle The Enchantress and her Order of No Quarter, and now you can wield it on your adventures!

First4Figures Mega Man X – $259.99

Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide, this hand painted, 17-inch polystone resin Mega Man X statue from First4Figures is the first in their Mega Man X line. Set to release in the third quarter of 2015, it features X charging his X-Buster while dash-jumping over a platform from Storm Eagle’s stage. His X-Buster, helmet, and boot fire all light up with LED lights, and this massive 1/5 scale statue will cost you $259.99.

Did I miss something? Feel free to share updates with me and I’ll be happy to help spread the word! You can also follow me on Twitter for more awesome gaming news.

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David is a California native and has been a gamer all of his life. He is a graphic designer and the author of The Rainblade and Onyx The Half Hero Dragon.

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