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Fan-made Donkey Kong Country 4: The Kongs Return is Now Available

March 4, 2016 / 5:25 PM

By: Matthew Williams


Donkey Kong Country 4: The Kongs Return, the (unofficial) remake that “combines all elements and characters” from the first three games in the SNES franchise, is now available for download.

This extremely polished, fan-made game plays just like Donkey Kong Country 1/2/3. According to the development team’s blog, the programmers spent nearly four years perfecting the game’s engine, in order to provide that authentic look and feel from previous DKC installments.

As you can see from the YouTube videos, the game looks promising. The development team does acknowledge that there could be some improvements to the game though, which may offer a hint at patches for later versions.

To cooperate with the development team’s request, we won’t post the direct download link. However, if you visit their latest YouTube video and expand the video’s description, you can find the URL. A link to their YouTube video can be found below:

Donkey Kong Country 4: The Kongs Return Trailer (YouTube)

Let us know what you think about the game, fellow Kong fans!

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  1. Matthew Gibson

    Whilst this is no doubt a fantastic effort that had a lot passion and time put into it, I won’t be picking this up, simply because I am a ‘purist’ when it comes to my games, as in I will only buy official things from companies. Even if I could play a NES classic for free on an emulator on my phone, I would rather spend a couple of quid to play it on my Wii U. Regardless, this seems like those guys did a great job, and I’m sure it will not go to waste!

    • Matthew Williams

      I should actually mention that the fan-made game is free. They could get into some serious trouble if they tried to profit off of a Nintendo-branded product. Regardless, I understand where you’re coming from in terms of wanting to be a ‘purist’ to the series. Let’s just hope there aren’t any crazy game programmers who would want to make an off-market Donkey Kong Country game for the CD-i (*shudders)!

      • Matthew Gibson

        Yeah, at least it is free. I believe Super Mario Bros. Z, a fan-made show that used Nintendo’s sprites, received flak when the creator went to Patreon to help fund the show, even getting taken down by Nintendo if I’m not mistaken!

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