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E3 2013 Press Conference Day!!!

June 10, 2013 / 10:04 AM

By: Jesse Waldack

e3 2013

E3 starts tomorrow in Los Angeles.  As last year, I wish I was going like I did the year before that, but my wallet let me down anything by nicely, again.  So since I can’t be there in person, I plan on doing what I can from the home office to cover the main press events that start later today.

Thanks to the Video Game Voters Network, here is a convenient image set up to show the starting times of each event:

e3 2013 schedule

Spike TV will air Microsoft’s and EA’s press events live on their network, but not Ubisoft or Sony since they claim it is prime time so other programming is more important.  I’m not sure that Tattoo Nightmares and two showings of the 2004 Dodgeball movie ranks over the remaining E3 events in importants, but I’m starting to swing off-topic, so I’ll stop my mini-rant with that. will also be live streaming all four events on their web site, so presuming that they don’t have bandwidth issues, we plan on supplying links to each event with our live blogging coverage.  I won’t be able to live blog Sony due to a prior commitment, so I’m hoping others on staff will be able to cover for me, but I’ll be able to cover the other three events and Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct tomorrow morning at 10AM EDT.

As of the time of this posting, Microsoft’s event starts in about two and a half hours.  Additional articles for each event will be posted along with the live stream, if available, and our live blog embedded.

Thanks for following along with our coverage of E3 2013.

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