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[E3 2012] Pikmin 3 features Flying Pikmin

June 6, 2012 / 2:26 PM

By: Will Thompson

One of the reasons I love Nintendo is that many of their game trailers feature hidden little secrets about their games. You really have to play close attention to every detail to really see them, and while this one was right in your face at the end of the Pikmin 3 trailer, not many have picked up on it. What I am referring to is of course the Flying Pikmin.

While Nintendo announced one new Pikmin so far for Pikmin 3, the Rock Pikmin, or Rockmin as I like to call it. If we were to assume that Pikmin 3 would follow that of Pikmin 2, in the sense that there were 2 new pikmin introduced in that game, 3 if you want to count the bulbmin. That we could expect to see the same number of new Pikmin introduced, if not more.

With some hints of flying creatures shown earlier in the trailer, as well as multiple team leaders, It would only make sense that they would use flying Pikmin. To not only transport characters to one way areas, but to deploy Pikmin into areas they couldn’t normally get too.

If flying Pikmin are in, what are some of your thoughts on new Pikmin that could possibly be made?

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A gaming enthusiast since the age of 2, Will has grown up on classic game series such as The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Mega Man. Classically trained in art and game design, he has used his design skills to question various elements in the games he plays.

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  1. Eric

    I’m really excited for Pikmin 3. People have been claiming that Nintendo announced that there will be five new Pikmin types, but I still haven’t found proof of that anywhere. We at least know for certain that there will be two different types. I think maybe since yellow Pikmin are good at being thrown high, the pink Pikmin could probably be used to be thrown farther distances. Maybe there will be treasure that is inaccessible for regular Pikmin, and if they do get on the inaccesible area they will just carry the treasure off the cliff and die. But the pink Pikmin could fly the treasure over the gap.
    Maybe if the claim that there are going to be five new Pikmin types, there could be swimming Pikmin. Since the blue Pikmin can only walk in water, maybe there will be a Pikmin that would be able to float and swim. Since that makes Blue pikmin obsolete, maybe deep sea Pikmin cannot leave the water. I have absolutely no more ideas of what the other 2 Pikmin could do. Maybe one would be above ground Bulborb Pikmin.

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