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[E3 2012] Nintendo Software Showcase Live Blog

June 6, 2012 / 8:30 PM

By: Jesse Waldack

Welcome to VGTribune’s Live Coverage of the Nintendo Software Showcase Event starting at 6:00 PM PDT.

The Nintendo Software Showcase can be seen live by clicking this link to open a new window to see it streaming live.

Click below to access a recording of the live stream and live blog, and enjoy!
Note: The recording of the stream includes 20 minutes of people filing into their seats. I suggest you fast forward to the 22:25 mark.

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Having played Intellivision and Atari games since he was six, Jesse has not only grown up with video games, but has seen just about everything. A husband and father of three teenagers, he still tries to squeeze in a game or three when he is able.

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