People in the game industry, as well as Nintendo fans have always compared which game was better in the Super Mario series. It’s always been between Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, and it generally becomes a 50-50 split on which game is superior. However, the second most brought up question is why didn’t Nintendo release a true sequel to Super Mario Bros. 3? The fabled Super Mario Bros. 4.

That is because in Japan, Nintendo fans already knew that Super Mario World was Super Mario Bros. 4. It is actually printed right on the cartridge itself. Much like how on the American Yoshi’s Island cartridge it says Super Mario World 2 on it.

So if we were to continue the trend; would that make Yoshi’s Island Super Mario Bros. 5 as well? Just food for thought, and a little fun fact that most people don’t know about the Super Mario Bros. series.

[Special Thanks: Sean Buckley for the Photo]

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