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Diancie Event Code Giveaway

February 9, 2015 / 1:21 PM

By: Matthew Williams


Do you still have an unredeemed Diancie code from Gamestop? You’d better move fast, as the event codes are set to expire later this month. According to a Bulbapedia article that lists out all of the Generation VI event code distributions, Diancie codes can be redeemed up until February 25th.

It is important to note that the Diancie event codes can only be redeemed on Pokemon X or Y. That means individuals who’ve made the permanent switch over to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are out of luck, unless you own a copy of X/Y and transfer over via Pokemon Bank.

Did you miss your initial chance to grab an event code at Gamestop? Fear not, for we have you covered! Let us know what Pokemon you’d like to see receive a Mega Evolution next, and you’ll be entered into our Diancie event code giveaway. You can let us know in our comments section below or via our Facebook page. Winners will be announced on February 16th!*

Note*: This information is only accurate as foretold by Bulbapedia. In the event that this information may be incorrect, VGTribune is not responsible for code redemption issues.

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Matthew, a graduate from Texas Christian University, now works as a Senior Digital Analytics Consultant for Ernst & Young. With a passion for video games (mostly retro and survival horror) and data, Matthew is pursuing a career in game analytics.

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  1. Trent Hudson

    Forget these already overused and overpowered legends, I want to see the more rarely seen, weaker but great designed pokemon receive a power boost. Considering I started at Gen 1, I would love to see my old favorites revitalized such as Tentacruel or Raichu. However, since the introduction of megas I always wanted to see Mega Snorlax. He is easily the most comical pokemon and can take hits like a boss, and I’m hoping he would trump Mega-Kanga as the king of the normal types.

    • Matthew Williams

      Hi Trent –

      Thanks for replying. I (much like yourself) started out with Gen 1. I would love for Raichu to get a Mega Evolution, too. His max stats (EV training + Perfect IVs), still seem pretty low for an evolved form of the franchise’s signature mascot. Definitely agree that he could use the buff.

      • amaja

        i would loveeeeee to see mega dragonite or even mega ryhorn since it seems in pokemon Y he seems like a very important pokemon to the mom you get ^_^ he would be a steel boss but my favorite is dragonite. And since charzaird and dragonite fought in the tv show it would be amaxzing to see them mega battle ^_^ not fair charzaird gets one and dragonitw not get one. am i right?

  2. cartoonydave

    I missed out on Diancie, and I’m really sad. It’d be great if you could hook me up with one!

    • Matthew Williams

      Hi Cartoonydave –

      Simply let us know which Pokemon you’d like to see receive a Mega Evolution next, and you could very well win one! Personally for me, I hope to see Mega Golem.

      • Cartoonydave

        I’d liek to see a mega Typhlosion!! And the other starters I guess to while your at it

  3. Chaicow

    I would like to see a mega Flotzel. I really like Flotzel for some reason. I missed the Diancie event at Gamestop so it would be really nice to get one.

    • Matthew Williams

      Hello Chaicow –

      That would be an interesting one! What moveset would you give it?

      • Chaicow

        Ice beam
        Aqua Tail

  4. Efrain

    I would like to have a mega Feraligatr. I never got a download code for a Diancie. I would be cool to get one.

    • Matthew Williams

      Hi Efrain –

      I’d love nothing more than to see my favorite fire starter (Typhlosion) get a Mega. Across all 6 generations, gen 2 definitely felt the most balanced among all the starters.

  5. Bertram

    i personally hope for mega cacturne, it would look sooo epic!!
    I missed the event because i just recently started playing pokemon again and fell in love with it!

  6. James

    Mega shiftry would be one i’d really like to see

  7. S

    Sweet giveaway! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d love to see a mega evolution of something really mundane- Linoone? Furret? Mega Shedinja would be hilarious, and a storyline featuring Mega Unown could build off the lore from gold/silver.

  8. Matthew Williams

    Hi S –

    Mega Shedinja would be pretty epic. Give it a huge buff in HP to prevent instant knockouts from super effective moves, and you’d have a doozy of a mega pokemon.

    • S

      Yeah, they’d have to come up with a way to let it survive a couple rounds of competitive play. Deferred damage like Future Sight? I’ll have to think more about it, but it would make a fun twist.

  9. Melissa

    I want either Mega Arcanine or Mega Ninetails. I love my fire pokémon. XD

  10. Josh Burge

    A pokemon i’d like to see have a Mega Evolution would be Infernape. He’s the first pokemon from the beginning of my pokemon adventures and he has the potential to have an amazing design.

  11. Joseph S

    I think Mega Ludicolo would be great! I also would like to see the Legendary Dogs get Mega Evolutions.

  12. Aidan

    Mega fortress! Maybe we can finally see what it looks like inside its shell. Only hopefully it wont turn out to look derpy or stupid…

  13. Damien

    I want to see mega bisharp, steel is my favorite type

  14. Daniel

    I wanna see Mega Milotic. It has ridiculously good special status but definitely needs a boost in it’s special attack, maybe an ability that works like defiant but for special attack? And maybe megas for all the gen II, IV and V starters!

  15. Jarred

    I believe out of all the megas pikachu deserves a mega stone. Not necessarily raichu because he takes an evolution stone but pikachu because he been with us from the beginning. Also, that’d be super cool to get a fiance cause I didn’t get a promo code either :(

  16. Sherveen

    I want to see Chesnaught mega. It already has a high defense stat and a decent attack. It would probably pretty tanky. Also Matthew, could you hook me up with a Diancie code? I didn’t have the chance to get one.

  17. Matthew Williams

    Hi all! I wanted to thank everyone for participating in the giveaway. In order to keep the winners’ identity confidential, they have been notified via their e-mail address used to post comments on this article. Please check back again soon for other giveaways, as I’m certain we will have more in the near future.

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