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Details on Massive Splatoon Update

July 27, 2015 / 12:03 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

So, remember the Splatoon-centered Nintendo Direct? And do you recall the apparently big August update? Well, Nintendo has announced what it will be delivering to the third-person shooter this August. It will land on the 6th (5th in North America), and is ink-packed with a ton of new content.

Let’s get the basic stuff out of the way first. Two new maps, in addition to over 40 new pieces of gear, will be available to the Inklings. Even a sushi chef outfit is planned! No new weapons will be added to Sheldon’s shop, or at least in the way we were expecting. See, two completely NEW weapon types will join the ranks of the Shooter, Rollers, and Chargers. The first is the Slosher. Taking the form of a bucket, you can chuck ink straight ahead, with good range to boot. The second type is dubbed the Splatling, and as you may see, it adopts the style of the Gatling gun. With it, you can unleash its full potential with a maximum charge. We’ll have to wait and see how these new weapons change up player’s strategy in battles.

Level caps for both levels and ranks have been raised a good bit. You can now reach up to Level 50, a massive step up from the relatively low Level 20, which many reached within a good week of the game’s launch. For ranked matches, you can now reach to as high as S+, which will be after Rank S and A+.

Level capsThe big thing, however, are two new matchmaking options. Squad Battles enable you and up to three friends to tackle another squad of four, rather than being on random teams via Ranked battles, not Turf Wars. This has amazing potential for content creators to play against their fans, for example, the Gamexplain team, or my podcast, Nintendo Podcast System! Private battles will also be added for you and your squid-pals to set up customised matches, ranging from different maps, modes and weapons. Thankfully, it isn’t a requirement to have eight players. You can have only 2 people squaring off in a 1V1, or if the host chooses, have 1V4 battles!

Unfortunately no word on if the stage rotation will be no more, or if we will finally be able to change our set-ups whilst in a lobby. But have no fret, as Nintendo promises even more content and updates are to follow. Throughout the summer and early August, we will be given new maps, weapons, and the highly anticipated Rainmaker mode! You are able to see for yourself what is on offer from the Japanese trailer released a couple of days ago:





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