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Code of Princess: Character Showcase Trailer

August 8, 2012 / 9:45 PM

By: Will Thompson

Code of Princess is one of those unique that offers players an exciting yet unconventional experience. One that deftly blends fighting mechanics with components from classic arcade side-scrolling beat’em ups, while also providing character development and customization seen in that of an RPG. A 3DS game that is meant for up to four players to take on the challenge to battle both cooperatively or against one. It provides tons of depth that can be had either locally or online via Nintendo Network.

While the story of Code of Princess is nothing more than the generic kingdom under siege, that legendary fallen monarchy, protecting a sacred blade, and a princess on the run hell bent on surviving and restoring her kingdom while in nothing more than some skimpy clothing. It looks to be that we have another solid title on the Nintendo 3DS so be sure check out the trailer which can be found after the jump. Also be sure to let us know your thoughts on Code of Princess.

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A gaming enthusiast since the age of 2, Will has grown up on classic game series such as The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Mega Man. Classically trained in art and game design, he has used his design skills to question various elements in the games he plays.

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  1. Jesse Waldack

    Sounds like the sort of thing that I’m a sucker for. I just pre-ordered it.

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