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EQNextThe Keynote begins in approximately 15 minutes from the time of this posting (12PM PDT, 3PM EDT).

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I’m not sure how many MMO fans we have out there, but just in case there is more than zero, I’ll post this.

Last year’s SOE LIVE (formerly known as SOE Fan Faire) announced that a new game, EverQuest Next, was in development and will be coming Soon™.

Later today (Noon PDT, 3PM EDT), SoE will be streaming via twitch their keynote of EverQuest Next’s reveal as part of this year’s SOE LIVE.  If all goes well, I plan on live blogging the event.

We will find out if EverQuest Next will be a game to try out or just another in a long line of other MMOs that most people don’t even know exists.

Ken Levine, creator of BioShock made that tweet, along with others yesterday that suggest the BioShock Infinite is going to get new DLC announced today. He said to “check the internets on Tuesday around 8 AM est”, which is strange because that is tomorrow. He then made sense of it by explaining how far away the event is taking place.

All joking aside, many are looking forward to this, and we may see the continuation of BioShock Infinite that we’ve been waiting for.

The latest episode of Did You Know Gaming gives us some insight on the development history and creation of The Sims, presented by everyone’s favorite formerly-bearded PC game reviewer: Brutalmoose. The new video teaches us about everything from the original rejection of the game, to a yellow sports car, but interestingly leaves out the detail of “death by snu-snu.” If you are at all a fan of The Sims, I implore you to watch this video.


In a move surprising absolutely nobody, Phil Fish got upset after Marcus Beer (The Annoyed Gamer) made commentary on Game Trailers’ show Invisible Walls, tearing Fish and Jon Blow apart. Beer was complaining about the two of them refusing to give quotes to Game Informer on the suspected news that the Xbox One will not allow Indie Developers to Self-Publish. After good ol’ Fishy saw this today, he ranted on Twitter and complained at Beer, telling him to kill himself. He then went as far to cancel Fez II, which he had just announced last month. The official Polytron twitter also made the announcement that the game is cancelled, so it seems to be official.

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Enter the Dominatrix was originally intended to be a standalone expansion for Saints Row: The Third, but got scrapped when THQ went bankrupt. Now that Volition is taking care of the series though, it looks like the long-awaited expansion will finally be arriving. The problem that many are having with this news though, is what was told at Comic Con by Steve Jaros, the game’s creative director.

Jaros told fans that while the expansion will get its release, with new content to boot, it will be released 45 days after the initial release of Saints Row IV as paid DLC. People tend to have an issue with DLC being announced before a game is even released because it implies that they could just put it in the game, but are choosing not to because they want more money. In this case, it’s been a bit of a debate between fans though, because it’s not “Day 1 DLC”, a situation in which a publisher releases DLC on the same day as the game it’s for. The fact that it is being released a month and a half later implies that it isn’t done yet, so they’re still working on it.

Either way, I’m glad to see this expansion being released, but I’d have to see the content first to decide if it is worth the money it will cost to buy it. Let’s hope that it was worth the wait.

DuckTales: Remastered was announced a few months ago at PAX East, and now at San Diego Comic-Con Capcom has unveiled more gameplay than was shown in the announcement trailer. Much more. This time, we get nearly a half hour of footage of the Himalayas level, though it has some audio problems that are fixed shortly after they present themselves. The game looks absolutely fantastic, and even has levels play out differently than the original game, as we see rabbits tearing apart the machine that Launchpad McQuack dropped and running off with the pieces.

One of the most noteworthy parts about this is the voice acting. The fact that Capcom got all of the original voice actors on board for this game is wonderful, and it gives us an even better DuckTales experience than the one we had as children on the NES. This game is not simply a graphical update, but a complete remake with new content, and I hope everyone else can agree with me that this is one of the most anticipated Capcom titles announced this year.

A Beta player for The Elder Scrolls Online has recorded footage of him playing the game with commentary. While this directly breaks the rules of the NDA that every beta player consented to, it allows us to see what the game is like.

By the looks of it, it generally plays the same as Skyrim, and even has a similar HUD. And as with most open-world RPGs, nobody in the world can do anything on their own, so you’ll run into people constantly begging for help, leaving you the only person able to do it (except of course for the thousands of other people playing the game). I recommend watching this before it’s taken down if you have any interest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

You can sign up for the beta now at the official site.

One of my favorite things about watching Let’s Players is discovering new games to play, especially indie games that have something new or unique to offer, either in its aesthetic or its narrative. When Cry began playing The Cat Lady, a point-and-click horror adventure game, I learned that Rem Michalski offered both in his game. I was very fortunate to be able to pick his brain in this interview, and trust me, he has plenty of personal insights and stories to share.

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Today Sega announced a remake of the 1990 Genesis classic Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse produced in collaboration with Disney Interactive and developed by Sega Studios Australia. The updated rerelease of this platformer will be available worldwide this summer on Playstation Network, XBox Live, and Windows PC.

Source: Sega blogs