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DuckTales: Remastered was announced a few months ago at PAX East, and now at San Diego Comic-Con Capcom has unveiled more gameplay than was shown in the announcement trailer. Much more. This time, we get nearly a half hour of footage of the Himalayas level, though it has some audio problems that are fixed shortly after they present themselves. The game looks absolutely fantastic, and even has levels play out differently than the original game, as we see rabbits tearing apart the machine that Launchpad McQuack dropped and running off with the pieces.

One of the most noteworthy parts about this is the voice acting. The fact that Capcom got all of the original voice actors on board for this game is wonderful, and it gives us an even better DuckTales experience than the one we had as children on the NES. This game is not simply a graphical update, but a complete remake with new content, and I hope everyone else can agree with me that this is one of the most anticipated Capcom titles announced this year.

A Beta player for The Elder Scrolls Online has recorded footage of him playing the game with commentary. While this directly breaks the rules of the NDA that every beta player consented to, it allows us to see what the game is like.

By the looks of it, it generally plays the same as Skyrim, and even has a similar HUD. And as with most open-world RPGs, nobody in the world can do anything on their own, so you’ll run into people constantly begging for help, leaving you the only person able to do it (except of course for the thousands of other people playing the game). I recommend watching this before it’s taken down if you have any interest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

You can sign up for the beta now at the official site.

One of my favorite things about watching Let’s Players is discovering new games to play, especially indie games that have something new or unique to offer, either in its aesthetic or its narrative. When Cry began playing The Cat Lady, a point-and-click horror adventure game, I learned that Rem Michalski offered both in his game. I was very fortunate to be able to pick his brain in this interview, and trust me, he has plenty of personal insights and stories to share.

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Today Sega announced a remake of the 1990 Genesis classic Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse produced in collaboration with Disney Interactive and developed by Sega Studios Australia. The updated rerelease of this platformer will be available worldwide this summer on Playstation Network, XBox Live, and Windows PC.

Source: Sega blogs


Ducktales Remastered not enough for ya? Well, how about some D&D-based beat-em-up action? Over at PAX East, Capcom has just doubled up on rerelease announcements with something even more surprising, but hardly any less in demand from the dedicated throngs: Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles over Mystara, a double pack comprising Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara.  Previously, the only way to play these games in the US without importing was in the arcades; the Sega Saturn collection released in 1999, a year after the system was dead stateside, and predictably became worth a pretty penny.

Both games are notable for being among the first to be developed by the team that would come to be known as Vanillaware, they of Odin Sphere, Muramasa, and the soon to be released Dragon’s Crown, the latter actually intended as a spiritual descendant. Even with their arcade origins, the two games had a surprising amount of depth, with multiple level paths, several class-based melee maneuvers and magical attacks, consumables, weapons, armor, enchanted items… basically, everything but the dungeon master (pardon the lame pun). The games also had 4-player co-op, which the new collection will not only support, but offer online via GGPO.

Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles over Mystara is set for a June release on XBox 360, Playstation 3, WiiU, and Windows PC via Steam at $14.99/1200 MSP.

Disney Infinity Logo

What do Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible, and Sully have in common?  They are all characters in a new game from Disney Interactive and Avalanche Software due to release on every major platform and then some this June called Disney Infinity.

Disney Infinity will bring Skylanders-like collectables into a “Toy Box” (play on words with sand box) game where the figurines comes to life on your large (or not so large) screen.

Unlike Skylanders, Disney Infinity allows the linking of two characters at one time and a power-up in the form of a “power disc”.

From the press release announcing the game:

The Disney Infinity Platform includes:

  • Disney Infinity Interactive Pieces – Initially a line of 40 collectible interactive pieces will be introduced that allow players to expand and customize their play experiences.
  • Disney Infinity Interactive Character Figures – Seventeen character figures will allow players to experience a variety of their favourite characters in true to property experiences and in “Toy Box” mode.
  • Disney Infinity Base – When figures are placed on the Infinity base, they unlock the world and play experiences of Disney Infinity.
  • Disney Infinity Power Discs – Interactive discs can be placed on the Infinity base to power up characters and “Toy Box” with unique powers, customizations and gadgets.

When launched in June, there will be 20 character figurines available with an additional 20 more released through the end of the year.

Disney Infinity will be released worldwide on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PC, and mobile devices.

Click below to view the UK trailer and the full press release…
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From the people who brought you The Witcher comes this dystopian technological world known as CyberPunk 2077. A world in which humanity didn’t solve any problems only created more. It’s a grim vision of a future where technology has begun to decay society. New inventions led to addictions and poverty became an even larger problem. Read the rest of this entry »

Final Fantasy XI SOA

Square Enix has officially announced March 26, 2013 as the release date for their upcoming expansion Seekers of Adoulin for Final Fantasy XI, their MMORPG that has been online since 2003 in North America. This expansion is only being released on PC and Xbox 360 in North America, meaning there is no expansion on the PS2 except in Japan.

Add-on scenarios aside, this is the first actual expansion for Final Fantasy XI since Wings of the Goddess in 2007, adding the Geomancer and the Rune Fencer jobs, a new continent to travel to, several new monsters to defeat and a new series of epic quests to complete. A few new mysterious gameplay systems will be introduced, though there is very little info on them so far. These include player-built outposts, new contract work, and some new special “power spots” hidden throughout the world for some form of character enhancements.

The Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin expansion will be available for 29.99$, or as part of a collection including all of the expansions and add-on content for 39.99$. More details are sure to arise on the other new additions in the expansion as we approach the release date.

Hello Tribuners! On December 8th, Capcom broke the news that an all-new, completely free Mega Man game was on its way: Street Fighter X Mega Man! And now, after what I consider a very successful digital launch (Capcom Unity’s servers were overloaded all day!) I think it’s safe to say that people all over the world gathered together to help kick off Mega Man’s 25th birthday right!

As any Mega Man fan can tell you, the Blue Bomber had run into a boss battle’s worth of bad luck since the heartbreaking cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe. But Capcom is finally trying to steer the franchise back on track with Street Fighter X Mega Man, a game intended to simultaneously close out the celebration of Street Fighter’s 25th Anniversary and kick start the festivities of Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary. It’s just the first step in Capcom’s celebration of the franchise, and after today’s announcements, it looks like things are heading in the right direction. More on that later.

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First 5 Minutes of Bioshock Infinite

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Today, Irrational Games released the first 5 minutes of Bioshock Infinite to get us hyped for its upcoming release.

For those avoiding spoilers, just know that it’s pretty nostalgic and you can instead pass the time seeing if the alternate box cover you picked will end up on the reverse side. And don’t fret if it didn’t, because eventually, more have been promised to be available to choose from and print out down the line.