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This Week in Discounts – 3/24

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Enjoying the new inFAMOUS yet? In case you’re one of those stragglers, don’t fret – PlayStation Plus has your back.

Starting tomorrow, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP, PS Vita) will be added to the Instant Game Collection… Read the rest of this entry »


Jesse and Alexis talk about the week’s news on VGTicker.

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Lunar 2

UPDATE: Here is the eBay link now that the auction has gone live.  Good Luck!

Giving back to community – there is no feeling quite like it. Whether it is volunteering at a local arcade or raising money for your favorite gaming charity, the opportunities for gamers to make a difference are endless.

Starting August 11th, I will be donating some of my time, talent and treasure to give back to the community. As an avid video game collector, I’ve come across some rare finds at local stores. About a year ago, I found this ‘factory sealed’ (yes, you heard correctly) copy of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue – Complete for the PlayStation 1 system. What’s an even rarer experience – I only paid $50 for this prized possession. Fast forward to now, and I’ve decided to sell this on eBay to another avid game collector. Whoever is fortunate enough to be the highest bidder on this collector item will also have the honor of knowing that 100% of their proceeds will be going directly to the Child’s Play charity. This gaming charity provides kids in hospitals with the opportunity to play with the coolest games and game consoles the industry has to offer. As an extra incentive, I will personally match any amount, from the opening bid (which will be set at $50) to the highest bid price (up to $250). This money will also go to the same charity (Example: If final price of the game ends at $275, I will personally donate $250, with a total value of $525 going to the charity).

This product will go up for bid on eBay’s site around 4 PM Eastern Time on Sunday, August 11th. As much as gamers are competitive in nature, I also know how close-knit we can be when helping fellow gamers out. If you are reading the article, I’d appreciate everyone’s help in spreading the word to your fellow game collectors and friends about this charitable opportunity. Just spreading awareness about this event solidifies your involvement in making a difference.

If you would like a sneak peak at what the collector item will contain, you can take a look at the contents listed below.

If you have any questions about the item or the event, feel free to message me on Twitter (

Happy bidding, fellow gamers!

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Ken Levine, creator of BioShock made that tweet, along with others yesterday that suggest the BioShock Infinite is going to get new DLC announced today. He said to “check the internets on Tuesday around 8 AM est”, which is strange because that is tomorrow. He then made sense of it by explaining how far away the event is taking place.

All joking aside, many are looking forward to this, and we may see the continuation of BioShock Infinite that we’ve been waiting for.


Remember back when Gamestop stopped taking pre-orders for the Xbox One because they were under-supplied? Well they started taking reserves again a few weeks later and now have stopped. Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s Chief of Staff, has stated that it is due for demand of the system being “through the roof”.

That is the part that should come as a surprise, but the PS4 selling out should be expected by anyone in their right mind who has been paying attention at all to the coming generation of consoles. Pre-orders for the systems are stopped for now at Gamestop until more units can be made available for the retail chain.

No sales numbers have been released, but Yves Guillemot from Ubisoft has said that the demand for the coming generation is nearly double that of the previous generation combined.


The Last of Us: American Dreams, which has proven itself to be a great four-part series so far, actually influenced the lore of the game itself, Neil Druckmann (the game’s director) at SDCC this week.

During an interview with GameInformer, Druckmann told how Ellie’s friend Riley Abel was actually created by the co-writer of the graphic novel, Faith Erin Hicks. Riley never actually appeared in the game, but was mentioned at the end. Originally when the development team was making the game, Ellie was alone when she was bitten, but it was changed to fit with the comic. Read more to see what Druckmann had to say about this in his interview.

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Enter the Dominatrix was originally intended to be a standalone expansion for Saints Row: The Third, but got scrapped when THQ went bankrupt. Now that Volition is taking care of the series though, it looks like the long-awaited expansion will finally be arriving. The problem that many are having with this news though, is what was told at Comic Con by Steve Jaros, the game’s creative director.

Jaros told fans that while the expansion will get its release, with new content to boot, it will be released 45 days after the initial release of Saints Row IV as paid DLC. People tend to have an issue with DLC being announced before a game is even released because it implies that they could just put it in the game, but are choosing not to because they want more money. In this case, it’s been a bit of a debate between fans though, because it’s not “Day 1 DLC”, a situation in which a publisher releases DLC on the same day as the game it’s for. The fact that it is being released a month and a half later implies that it isn’t done yet, so they’re still working on it.

Either way, I’m glad to see this expansion being released, but I’d have to see the content first to decide if it is worth the money it will cost to buy it. Let’s hope that it was worth the wait.

DuckTales: Remastered was announced a few months ago at PAX East, and now at San Diego Comic-Con Capcom has unveiled more gameplay than was shown in the announcement trailer. Much more. This time, we get nearly a half hour of footage of the Himalayas level, though it has some audio problems that are fixed shortly after they present themselves. The game looks absolutely fantastic, and even has levels play out differently than the original game, as we see rabbits tearing apart the machine that Launchpad McQuack dropped and running off with the pieces.

One of the most noteworthy parts about this is the voice acting. The fact that Capcom got all of the original voice actors on board for this game is wonderful, and it gives us an even better DuckTales experience than the one we had as children on the NES. This game is not simply a graphical update, but a complete remake with new content, and I hope everyone else can agree with me that this is one of the most anticipated Capcom titles announced this year.


E3 2013 – Sony – Live Blog

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e3 2013

The last of four press events start at 9:00 EDT, 6:00 PDT: EA.

Expect to see the first reveal of the Playstation 4 hardware (not just the controller this time) in addition to games that will be out during its launch window.

Click on the link below for access to the live stream and our live coverage.
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e3 2013

The third of four press events start at 6:00 EDT, 3:00 PDT: EA.

Expect to hear about their latest game releases.

Click on the link below for access to the live stream and our live coverage.
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