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This Week in Discounts – 3/24

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Enjoying the new inFAMOUS yet? In case you’re one of those stragglers, don’t fret – PlayStation Plus has your back.

Starting tomorrow, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP, PS Vita) will be added to the Instant Game Collection… Read the rest of this entry »


E3 2013 – Sony – Live Blog

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e3 2013

The last of four press events start at 9:00 EDT, 6:00 PDT: EA.

Expect to see the first reveal of the Playstation 4 hardware (not just the controller this time) in addition to games that will be out during its launch window.

Click on the link below for access to the live stream and our live coverage.
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SQUARE ENIX today released the FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster Announcement trailer. The new trailer showcases Tidus, Yuna and the beautiful fantasy world of Spira in HD.

FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster is a single disc bundle that will be available on the PlayStation®3 system. FINAL FANTASY X HD Remaster and FINAL FANTASY X-2 HD Remaster will be available for the PlayStation®Vita. These titles will be available in 2013.

Sony will be holding a live stream tonight to show off what’s going on with the Playstaion Vita ahead of the next-gen console reveal on the 20th, so join us as we live blog the event!

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Let’s face it: pessimism is louder than optimism. This is particularly true for the game industry. A developer will announce a game that fans have been clamoring to see for years, only to be faced with staunch opposition and criticism upon said announcement. Consoles will be released after tons of pre-release fanfare and then flounder once they hit store shelves. Resistance against the norm is what keeps this industry moving forward and while conflict is always good for innovation, hostilities can sometimes drown out even the best of products. Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS know this lesson all too well. Both systems encountered poor retail launches, severe game droughts and continued rampant fanboyism that will often claim “doom” at the sign of any trouble. However, while both of these systems have faced their fair share of adversity, Vita and 3DS have managed to mold themselves into compelling products over the past year. So, for a moment, let’s drown the cynicism and throw enthusiasm a lifesaver. Here’s why the video game handhelds of today deserve your hard-earned simoleons. Read the rest of this entry »

If you are a gamer who has never heard of Falcom before today then you have probably missed out on one of the most interesting action RPG franchises of the past 25 years.  The Ys series has always been a unique blend of blue haired Anime girls, red headed heroes, and insanely catchy music. With the series hitting its 25th anniversary this year it is no surprise that Falcom would try to fix one of the most confusing releases in history, Ys IV.

Foliage Oceans in Celceta is to be the definitive canonical release tying together both Dawn of Ys, and Mask of the Sun into one uniquely crafted title. While also taking the time to update it to HD graphics, and bring it to the newest handheld on the market, the PlayStation Vita.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, the PlayStation Vita has been lacking game releases since it was launched, so what are the chances we would get this insanely Japanese title stateside? It is more likely than you would think due to publishers like XSEED who have worked with Falcom in the past to bring over the series previous iterations onto the PSP and the PC. While no one has picked up the publishing rights for the title at the moment, XSEED, is our best bet.

You can check out the games trailer after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

I just read this article on Kotaku and I have to say I’m simultaneously disappointed and relieved. Disappointed because Ubisoft, like many other developers before it are planning to turn a $60 game into a $100+ game (assuming you buy the standard edition, and not one of the many other pricier collector editions.)

Yes, according to what I read, Assassin’s Creed 3 is getting a season pass. What does this mean? It means Ubisoft expects you, the consumer, to buy their game, and then pay to unlock future content, but make you feel like you’re getting some kind of deal by purchasing both the game and the season pass together.

A season pass doesn’t even make sense for a game like Assassin’s Creed. Its multiplayer components are easily dwarfed by just about any other multiplayer title, and although Ubisoft has made great strides to expand upon it, I’ve never found myself compelled to play it for any great length of time. So does this mean Ubisoft is holding single-player content hostage? Perhaps. Read the rest of this entry »

Konami has released some new screenshots in English for the upcoming downloadable Vita game, New Little King’s Story, which is a sequel to the 2009 Wii title of the same name.

The game puts you into an RPG adventure mixed with strategy elements in which you must save the various kingdoms of the land, rescue the princess, and defeat the Devil King. Aside from the graphical overhaul, this sequel uses both front and back touch controls, and also includes various online features as well.

New Little King’s Story is set to release on the PSN for the Playstation Vita sometime this Summer. You can check out the rest of the adorable screenshots after the break.

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[E3 2012] Beyond: Two Souls

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Death – one of the greatest mysteries mankind has always pondered. Beyond: Two Souls – the latest ‘Interactive Storytelling’ installment by Quantic Dream, aims to answer the though-provoking question: what happens to us after we die?

While the details of the game were limited to a cinematic trailer during Sony’s Press Conference, David Cage (Quantic Dream Studio Head) captured the attention of gamers early on by announcing that Ellen Page (movie actress from Inception and Juno) would be voice acting for the main character, Jodie Holmes. Throughout the game, the player will use in-game decision making (similar to Quantic Dream’s recent hit, Heavy Rain) to help Jodie discover her relationship with the supernatural.

To get a better feel of what lies ahead, watch this intense 5:43 trailer.


[E3 2012] Retro City Rampage

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Vblank Entertainment has created an amazingly interesting retro game that is slated for release on Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation 3, Vita, WiiWare, and even Steam. It is a retro styled game that makes fun of itself as well as various pop culture from the 8-bit era.

In this game, you play as The Player as you rampage around town until a bunch of evil good guys come and wreck all your fun. They will stop at nothing to end The Player’s rampage. With over 30 vehicles to run over tons of innocent pedestrians, 20 weapons to create havoc, and blasting bleeps and bloops to notify you of your score, Retro City Rampage is a game that feels like classic Grand Theft Auto. You can find out more about the game at Retro City Rampage.