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The new Humble Bundle features games from Square Enix, and quite a few of them. The supported charities for this round of games are GamesAid and the Make a Wish Foundation. You can check out all the games featured in this bundle after the break.

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So we have new footage of Mighty No. 9‘s early alpha gameplay. The fact that this is early alpha should definitely be kept in mind with this video, as there are many cheaply-made textures, poor animations, and a (subjectively) ugly art style. On the bright side though, the gameplay itself actually looks pretty good, pretty much exactly what you would expect a 3D Mega Man game to look and play like. Certain things like dashing looked like they came straight out of Mega Man X, and that’s sure to please some.

For those that missed other recent news about the game; an animated series is being made, much to the anger of those who donated to the kickstarter. Now, one may think that more things produced through the Kickstarter is a good thing, but the way that many see it is that they donated to have a game made, and money is going toward other things now, which can be viewed as false advertising and fraud. To reassure the people though, Comcept has set new stretch goals for the Kickstarter, saying that only the money raised here will be used for the animated series.


Over the course of nine months, TellTale games has released the five episodes of The Wolf Among Us. Recently the fifth and final episode released to give the conclusion to the mystery that players have been leading Bigby Wolf through all this time.

For those not in the know, The Wolf Among Us is a story-driven point-and-click adventure (similar to The Walking Dead) based on the Fables comic series. The game takes place 20 years before the events of the comics, so in a way it works as kind of a setup for some of the characters and events that happen in the comic series. So how does the game stand up on its own and as a prequel?

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The logo for Fox News’ new segment, “Defending the Homeland”, bears a striking resemblance to Bioshock Infinite’s logo. The segment also just happens to be about immigration (likely how it’s ruining America and how we need to close our borders, judging from the title), and let’s keep in mind that Bioshock Infinite was a game about Turn-of-the-century sky racists who treated any non-white person as slaves and secondary citizens. Here at VG Tribune, we do not make political commentary, but do with that what you will.

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Polycount’s member ‘Benkeeling‘ is currently recreating a classic sci-fi racer in Unreal Engine 4. The following images show what a Star Wars Episode I: Racer game could look like in Epic’s latest game engine. This project is still WIP, meaning that the scene/map will look even better (after all, you can easily notice the placeholders in the background). Enjoy!


Review: The Last Tinker

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The Last Tinker: City of Colors is a platforming game available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s an accessible game aimed at a younger audience, with some exquisite art direction and a unique take on the classic gameplay of 3D platforming. Read the rest of this entry »


The Last Tinker: City of Colors introduces players to Tinkerworld, a charming place where everything is crafted from basic materials, with an overview of its dire situation. The inhabitants of Tinkerworld, who come in red, green, and blue varieties, have started to despise one another and so divided the City of Colors into districts. The only remaining place where creatures of all colors are welcome is the Outer District. The introduction goes on to say that there is a boy with special talents who lives in the Outer District, and that he is going to start a chain of events that will destroy the city. So begins The Last Tinker: City of Colors.

That boy turns out to be a young monkey named Koru, who sets out with his floating, piñata-like sheep Tap to enter a local race. I spent my time exploring the Outer District, collecting floating paintbrushes and earning crystals while learning how to get around in the game. Koru can punch, dodge, hop across gaps, grind along rails, and interact with other creatures. Read the rest of this entry »

Hey Tribuners, David here. Check out our new gaming show, Critical Hit, hosted by yours truly! It’s a gaming show that showcases survival tips, epic wins, epic fails, and more! This episode is all about Titanfall!


March is Red Cross Month and in order to raise awareness, our friends at Tiltify are hosting a League of Legends tournament benefiting the American Red Cross this weekend. Grand prize is a trip to Los Angeles for you and your team to see the North American League of Legends Championship Series live! The entry fee is $24 per team, with all the proceeds going towards the Red Cross.

Tiltify’s official shoutcast will begin Friday, March 28th at 6 PM PST with the official tournament commencing on March 29th and continuing into the 30th. Popular League commentator Alex ‘MalfusX’ Manley will be shoutcasting the event with the Tiltify crew. In addition to MalfusX, the shoutcast will include special guest appearances by Danielle McRae (the voice of Karma), Dante Basco (the voice of Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender), Dot Cosplay, Fatal1ty (who will be giving away some Fatal1ty Products), IPG Chicago, SpeedBrkr, StreetPass Chicago and, you guessed it, the Japan Time Podcast crew! Excited? Here’s a link to the tournament sign-up page! Get your group of five friends together and win this thing for a good cause!

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When it was announced at last year’s E3, Titanfall dropped right off of my radar. I dismissed it as “just another shooter” and that was the end of it… until my brother gave me a key to the Titanfall Beta.

I dropped in to Titanfall with no expectations, but instantly felt right at home with its visuals, controls, and loadouts. This is Respawn Entertainment’s first game, and their Call of Duty heritage shines bright. I’ve played all of the major shooters throughout the years, with Halo being my primary go-to FPS, but I’m pleased to say I’ve never played anything quite like Titanfall.

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