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Bringing back the classic stage, Sakurai has shown off the new design for the Great Fox stage through Miiverse. People have taken to assuming that this is one step closer to being a confirmation of Falco’s return, though most of the response to the picture has just been hype over how great the stage looks.

Here’s hoping the revamped stage is a sign of more N64 and Gamecube stages making their return with much prettier designs.

So we have new footage of Mighty No. 9‘s early alpha gameplay. The fact that this is early alpha should definitely be kept in mind with this video, as there are many cheaply-made textures, poor animations, and a (subjectively) ugly art style. On the bright side though, the gameplay itself actually looks pretty good, pretty much exactly what you would expect a 3D Mega Man game to look and play like. Certain things like dashing looked like they came straight out of Mega Man X, and that’s sure to please some.

For those that missed other recent news about the game; an animated series is being made, much to the anger of those who donated to the kickstarter. Now, one may think that more things produced through the Kickstarter is a good thing, but the way that many see it is that they donated to have a game made, and money is going toward other things now, which can be viewed as false advertising and fraud. To reassure the people though, Comcept has set new stretch goals for the Kickstarter, saying that only the money raised here will be used for the animated series.


A few days ago, My Nintendo News posted about a Gamestop manager getting in contact, informing them that the release date of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U would be “around November 21″. They also stated that it would be bundled with one Amiibo, the Skylanders-style figurines that were announced at E3. This seems like a very likely release date, given that Thanksgiving (and by result, Black Friday) is the very next week.

The date claim was further backed up by Reddit user “pwooj” yesterday, when he posted the above image to the /r/smashbros subreddit. If this date is starting to get around to retailers now, we may be able to expect the official announcement from Nintendo very soon. Just keep in mind that this date is the same release date for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, so if it turns out that this rumor ends up to be true, you may very well have to make a choice between what game is more important to buy in the moment.

The Japan Time crew is joined by special guests Progducto, Nintendaan, Cobanermani456 and UltraNick24 to discuss the recent reveals of Robin, Lucina and Captain Falcon. Additional topics of discussion include Sakurai’s Miiverse Pics of the Day, EVO 2014 results, Listener Questions, #Slowfu2014 and Prog’s journey back to the East Coast. Can we please get this man some BBQ sauce?

Link to the iTunes subscription feed can be found here.

2014 Platinum

It’s that time of year again!

That time of year when Nintendo rewards their most faithful fan with gold and platinum rewards from Club Nintendo.

For the few out there who may not know what Club Nintendo is, it s a loyalty service, which started in 2008 with Wii and DS purchases, now to include Wii U and 3DS purchases, meant to reward those who spend the most money each year.  For each purchase you make, you get a code in the box to redeem for coins to collect, which can be spent on various things such as posters, playing cards, t-shirts, or shoe laces.  You get coins for registering a new system, coins for buying and registering retail games, coins for buying games via eShop on a system that has been per-registered (retail and smaller games alike), and coins for filling out mini surveys at the time of purchase and a bit down the line after you’ve had a chance to play the game to get your thoughts on it.

From the 12 month period between July 1st and June 30th each year, if you earn 300 coins, you get Gold Status and if you earn 600 coins, you get Platinum Status.  Each level granting the choice of additional exclusive gifts to pick from.  Previous years has been a vinyl statue of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Peach, and Bowser that was packed in a question mark block.  This statue still sits on my desk.  Other previous gifts included a sound track to Majora’s Mask, a Mario Hat, Mario themed playing cards, and starting last year, eShop download codes.

So, knowing this day was coming to being able to choose my 2014 Platinum Status reward, I was thinking of all of the items that Nintendo could do for their way of saying, “Thanks for being so loyal!”

Click on after the jump to see what the 2014 rewards are.
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Today, through the official Super Smash Bros. website, a new trailer was released that showed off two newcomers and one veteran. Both newcomers are from Fire Emblem; Robin, and Lucina. And the veteran was a character that everyone had been waiting to see: Captain Falcon.

Notably, both of the newcomers made their first appearance not too long ago in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Because of them, we now have a total of four Fire Emblem series representatives in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games. You can also play as the female version of Robin; a great inclusion for those who played Fire Emblem: Awakening that way.

This completely changes the way that everyone thought that the game’s roster was going to turn out. A leak published by Gemastu last year (and again this April) had been 100% accurate up to this point. The only characters that hadn’t been announced were Chrom, Shulk, and Chorus Men. Everyone who had seen the leak was expecting an announcement of Shulk today, due to his voice actor retweeting the announcement of the trailer. But now that we’ve seen it go another way, there’s no telling what could happen next in the way of character announcements.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS releases October 3, and Wii U in Holiday 2014.


Cobanermani4567 and UltraNick24 join the Japan Time crew to discuss Sakurai’s Miiverse Pics of the Day, MLG Anaheim, CEO 2014 and Progducto’s retirement from the commentary scene. Along the way, they discover the power of friendship and bond over their love for coffee and Blake Shelton’s new BBQ Cheddar Pizzas. This episode was sponsored by Pizza Hut (just kidding).

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E3 2014 has come and gone leaving the Japan Time crew with plenty to discuss. Join us this week as we discuss all three of the new character reveals (Mii Fighters, Palutena, Pac-Man) and break down the mechanic changes of each of the characters from the playable demos at E3 and Smash Fest. Who got buffed, who got nerfed, and who are we hyped to see more of? Tune in and find out!

Link to the iTunes subscription feed can be found here.

With the latest hype surrounding Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U, it is no surprise that many gamers at E3 are antsy to get their shot at checking out the latest demo. Roger DiLuigi and I got to experience that hype directly. With new characters being introduced (i.e.: Pac-Man, Mega Man, Palutena, etc.) in addition to existing characters getting upgrades/buffs from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, we were curious to see how some of our favorite characters would fare in this new game.

As a Smash player who has ‘mained’ with Link throughout all the installments, I’ve been waiting for a version of the game where his balance between power and speed are near perfect. In Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64, Link was a powerhouse who fell like an anchor. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Nintendo helped offset some of that imbalance by buffing his recovery. When Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out, I couldn’t help but notice Link’s ‘floaty’ recovery/jump, giving the illusion that he was much easier to hit off-screen. Fast forward to the upcoming version for the Wii U, and I can safely say that Link will be (calling it now) a top-tier character. All the characteristics that made the previous versions of Link great (i.e.: large assortment of projectiles, the hook shot has come back) stay with him in this version, while getting another buff for his recovery.

To see footage on some of the latest changes surrounding your favorite Smash Bros. characters, check out the video above.


Today was the first day of two for Best Buy’s E3 SmashFest.  Like last year’s, Best Buy event, we got the full E3 treatment:  Standing in line:


This is what the line looked like when I got there an hour before the event.  The line was short, only one isle up and one isle down.  I guessed that it would take about an hour to go through it.  Shortly before the event started, I looked behind me and the line went all the way back to the far wall:


More photos and a video of a game session is after the jump. Click on in for more …
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