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Capcom Announces Lowest Revenue Earnings Since 2004

May 7, 2015 / 1:37 PM

By: Matthew Williams


In a recently released earnings statement, Capcom announced that its revenue for FY2015 was the lowest it had seen since 2004.

The publisher, known for its AAA blockbuster franchises like Mega Man and Street Fighter, reported annual revenue of ¥64.3 billion (or $538.4 million). That number beats out the company’s previous record in 2004, which reported annual revenue of ¥52.7 billion ($440.2 million).

While games like Monster Hunter 4G and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate were deemed a financial success (with 3 million copies shipped), it was simply not enough. Other commercially successful titles which attributed to Capcom’s revenue included: Ultra Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, and Dead Rising 3.

On a brighter note: Capcom reported improvements in annual net profit to ¥6.6 billion ($55.2 million). This is partly because of the industry’s gradual shift to digital distribution. In a time where DLC and patches are essential components to improving core gameplay, publishers are finally opting into the digital distribution movement. As new titles are published, Capcom hopes to capitalize on increasing its profits from this strategy, simply because overhead and production costs (writing data to physical discs, shipping the discs, etc.) will be reduced.

There is hope that 2015-2016 will be a stellar sales year for Capcom. With E3 right around the corner (June 16-18), be on the lookout for some potentially exciting announcements around Street Fighter V and other notable franchises.

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Matthew, a graduate from Texas Christian University, now works as a Senior Digital Analytics Consultant for Ernst & Young. With a passion for video games (mostly retro and survival horror) and data, Matthew is pursuing a career in game analytics.

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