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Bioshock Infinite “Beast of America” Trailer

October 22, 2012 / 3:20 PM

By: Kimlinh Tran

After what felt like a long spell of hardly any Bioshock-related news, Bioshock Infinite needed to pick up momentum again and did just that by releasing their Beast of America trailer, with content voted by their Facebook followers.

And of course, since a single trailer can’t the be the only thing to get the ball rolling again, collectors will love what they have in store in their Premium and Ultimate Songbird edition sets, now available to pre-order. And that’s not all: Starting today, those who already pre-ordered the game will be able to play nearly 60 puzzles, all free, to earn in-game items.

How’s that for getting back on the radar?

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No one on the staff knew Kimlinh was experienced voice actress “Hnilmik” until she mentioned it in passing. They just knew her as the screenwriting major who enjoyed visual novels, puzzle games, adventure games, and RPG’s. When she’s not busy voice acting, she’s gaming.

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