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[E3 2012] Beyond: Two Souls

June 4, 2012 / 11:56 PM

By: Matthew Williams

Death – one of the greatest mysteries mankind has always pondered. Beyond: Two Souls – the latest ‘Interactive Storytelling’ installment by Quantic Dream, aims to answer the though-provoking question: what happens to us after we die?

While the details of the game were limited to a cinematic trailer during Sony’s Press Conference, David Cage (Quantic Dream Studio Head) captured the attention of gamers early on by announcing that Ellen Page (movie actress from Inception and Juno) would be voice acting for the main character, Jodie Holmes. Throughout the game, the player will use in-game decision making (similar to Quantic Dream’s recent hit, Heavy Rain) to help Jodie discover her relationship with the supernatural.

To get a better feel of what lies ahead, watch this intense 5:43 trailer.

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