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Bayonetta and Corrin DLC Available Now!

February 3, 2016 / 8:47 PM

By: Matthew Williams


It’s official, folks: Bayonetta and Corrin are now available on the Nintendo eShop!

With the download of these two characters, comes the closing of the character craze for Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS. Sakurai has taken us all on quite the journey that will never be forgotten.

Thank you, Nintendo. Thank you, Sakurai. To everyone that has made this journey worth it – thank you.

Now, let’s all go ‘Settle it in Smash’.

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Matthew, a graduate from Texas Christian University, now works as a Senior Digital Analytics Consultant for Ernst & Young. With a passion for video games (mostly retro and survival horror) and data, Matthew is pursuing a career in game analytics.

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  1. Matthew Gibson

    Crazy to think this is actually the end! In my opinion, they should have swapped the places of Corrin and Cloud’s releases, so that it would be a more impactful finale!

    • Matthew Williams

      That would’ve made for a more hyped ending.

      The more I see it now though, I think Corrin will be used more competitively than Bayonetta. Corrin’s counter and horizontal game is A+.

  2. Gerardo Vasquez

    So does the VG people have an opinion on the two new characthers yet?

    • VG Tribune

      We will be doing a write-up shortly on it, actually! Our initial impressions:
      -Corrin is a beast: great counter and amazing side-reach
      -Bayonetta’s Witch Time is impressive – a bit too long, for our tastes (make it about .5 seconds shorter, and it might not be as OP)

    • Gerardo Vasquez

      VG Tribune true, I do think bayonetta’s witch time is a tad much. I can nearly do a fully charged smash attack, which may be needed seeing that it leaves you wide open. And Corrin is rather neat too, a little underwhelming, but I blame the hype for that.

    • VG Tribune

      Gerardo Vasquez Another noteworthy statement we’ve heard around Bayonetta is she’s the ‘lazy man’s comboist’ (where Ryu is a comboist for more advanced players).

    • Gerardo Vasquez

      VG Tribune that is true. It’s easier to perform combos and such with her. And then witch time makes it all the easier for that. Can’t wait to read your article on them :)

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