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One of my favorite things about watching Let’s Players is discovering new games to play, especially indie games that have something new or unique to offer, either in its aesthetic or its narrative. When Cry began playing The Cat Lady, a point-and-click horror adventure game, I learned that Rem Michalski offered both in his game. I was very fortunate to be able to pick his brain in this interview, and trust me, he has plenty of personal insights and stories to share.

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First 5 Minutes of Bioshock Infinite

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Today, Irrational Games released the first 5 minutes of Bioshock Infinite to get us hyped for its upcoming release.

For those avoiding spoilers, just know that it’s pretty nostalgic and you can instead pass the time seeing if the alternate box cover you picked will end up on the reverse side. And don’t fret if it didn’t, because eventually, more have been promised to be available to choose from and print out down the line.

After what felt like a long spell of hardly any Bioshock-related news, Bioshock Infinite needed to pick up momentum again and did just that by releasing their Beast of America trailer, with content voted by their Facebook followers.

And of course, since a single trailer can’t the be the only thing to get the ball rolling again, collectors will love what they have in store in their Premium and Ultimate Songbird edition sets, now available to pre-order. And that’s not all: Starting today, those who already pre-ordered the game will be able to play nearly 60 puzzles, all free, to earn in-game items.

How’s that for getting back on the radar?

In case you still don’t have enough Resident Evil this autumn, like Retribution in theaters now, Damnation (September 26th), and RE6 (October 2nd), Universal Studios Japan gets a nightly Resident Evil attraction as a part of its Halloween Horror Nights.

Universal Studios Japan will be overrun with zombies. The dead will walk the Earth, and Resident Evil will come to life.

Universal Studios is once again teaming with Capcom (previously the two did a live-sized Monster Hunter attraction) for “Halloween Horror Night”. Until November 11, the theme park will turn into Resident Evil at night. So, the Terminator 2 Cyberdyne Systems building becomes the Umbrella Corporation and a walk through attraction, while the New York City area doubles as Raccoon City, thanks to some fancy projection mapping. The recently opened Biohazard Cafe and Grill in Tokyo also used 3D projection mapping effects to bring creatures to life.

Those brave enough to participate can try to navigate their way through the area—which is overrun with zombies and the T-virus!

Besides the zombies and creatures, there will even be actors playing RE characters such as Jill Valentine and Clare Redfield.

Man, what I’d give to go to Japan right now… But hey, at least we get Silent Hill during Halloween Horror Nights state-side!

Good to see that more horror games are becoming cool attractions!

Be sure to check out more photos and info on EuroGamerGadget Helpline, and Tumblr.

Last year, I JOKED about Silent Hill becoming a haunted attraction. And I know folks who’ve been itching for a Silent Hill attraction for YEARS. But now it’s been confirmed at Comic Con that Silent Hill WILL be getting a maze at Halloween Horror Nights, Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood.

Oh gawd.

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There’s a lot more to the Bioshock series than Rapture, the fallen utopia under the sea, evident by 2K Games currently working on the much anticipated Bioshock Infinite, where the still-alive city of Columbia soars through the sky. You can’t help but still be inspired by the unique setting that put the series on the map though and until I get my hands on Infinite, Rapture is going to turn my imagination gears.

As a screenwriting major, I was fascinated by the screen adaptation class my friend took where one of the class assignments was to turn a video game into a ride. When I took that class at my university, however, I never got such an assignment and gosh darn it, I still want to do it. But wouldn’t turning Bioshock into a ride be tacky? And didn’t Andrew Ryan already do that with Ryan Amusements? Well, you can’t top whacking his animatronic with a golf club, but I chose the impossible…

I chose… To turn Rapture into a different kind of theme park attraction.

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So, I’ve been told over and over by game developers that the best playtesters are children, to put it one way. They’re more likely to do the unexpected, are brutally honest, and if you’re able to maintain their attention, you can maintain practically anyone’s attention. I know game developers who even brag about having their children play their games meant for more mature gamers, to show that if even their kids can have a ball, their games can be accessible no matter what age group you’re in, broadening the audience. And we wouldn’t be gamers if we never found interesting games to enjoy, now would we?

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Can You Keep Up “The Act”?

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With video games like Skullgirls and the soon-to-come Dust: An Elysian Tail, it’s been fascinating seeing how hand-drawn animations can be incorporated into gameplay with today’s technology. Since mobile devices are part of the new frontier, check out this game, The Act.

Or rather, interactive animation drawn by animators who’ve worked with Disney at some point. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the trailer, but in every scene, you’re tasked to help Edgar keep up appearances by sliding your finger across the screen to shift his emotions, affect his actions, and the intensity of such.

You can get this roughly 30-40 minute game in the iTunes store for $3, other digital stores getting it later.

So by now, you’re probably aware of the Tomb Raider reboot, where our protagonist Lara Croft is being given a huge makeover to make her much more memorable beyond her mammaries. Make her more look more human instead of a supermodel with wonky proportions: Check. Make her have a story beyond… What did she have beyond boobs again? A dead mother?

Well, from the trailers, we know that this Lara is meant to be a relatable human than some Mary Sue-ish, unstoppable force we’ve known her for. With that in mind, executive producer Ron Rosenberg recently explained that the core intent behind the new Lara is the want and need to protect her. Totally understandable, she went through a lot of unpleasant stuff and we all want to root for the heroes we play. Unfortunately, this quote struck a really bad chord with many…

In the new Tomb Raider, Lara Croft will suffer. Her best friend will be kidnapped. She’ll get taken prisoner by island scavengers. And then, Rosenberg says, those scavengers will try to rape her.

Hoooo boy… Lets look deeper into this before our emotions get the best of us, after the jump.

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