It’s not surprising that Nintendo would pull the original Pokédex 3D from the Nintendo eShop for the upcoming release of Pokédex 3D Pro. Yet, they have released a final few updates for the app before its gone forever. This update will provide you with the ability to download all the remaining Pokémon missing from your Unova dex. To get the update all you have to do is launch Pokédex 3D, tap the Settings icon, then scroll down and hit the Update icon and it will automatically download everything you need.

While Pokédex 3D pro is set to be released on November 8th, and cost an undetermined amount of money. The application itself will contain ALL the Pokémon from the entire franchise fully rendered in 3D. As well as providing detailed move sets, leveling information, and evolution paths for all of those lovable creatures. You could say its like holding the real national pokédex in the palm of your hands.

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