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A New World (Ann Arbor, MI/St. Paul, MN) Preview

January 26, 2015 / 11:41 AM

By: Staff


Square Enix’s concert tour of A New World: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy will have its’ first performance of 2015 on February 5th in St. Paul, MN. It’ll stay there for two days, then travel eastward to Ann Arbor, MI for a February 7th performance. We have the initial success of the concert in London, its constant continued success including the Paris showing and the great reception to the Distant Worlds concert of 2007.

This musical tour feature’s live symphonic renditions of iconic music from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Franchise. Taken straight from their release, the highlights include “FINAL FANTASY X: Fight With Seymour”, “FINAL FANTASY IX: Danger In the Forest”, “FINAL FANTASY I: Town”, “FINAL FANTASY II: Rebel Army Theme”, “FINAL FANTASY VII: One Winged Angel” and much more.

The producers of Distant Worlds, the 20th anniversary concert, Arnie and Eric Roth return with more arrangements along with Shiro Hamaguchi who in the past has collaborated very closely with Nobuo Uematsu, the original composer of the mainline Final Fantasy games.

Tour information and the concert schedule are available at the main site.

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