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A New Paper Mario title for Wii U Is ‘Apparently’ In Development

January 23, 2016 / 1:27 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

You saw the headline. A new Paper Mario game is currently in development for the Wii U, or at least that’s what information-seeking Emily Rogers has said. Together with Liam Robertson (who’s well known for his work on uncovering info on cancelled games like a Kid Icarus title for the Wii) and Imran Khan, they managed to uncover this new game. Emily took to Twitter to announce that 4-5 sources pointed to the game’s developed, and originally planned on waiting until Monday to tell all. However, since then, she has posted some information regarding the new Paper Mario, like how the game is in the localization stage. You can find the most important tweets below:

For what this game will be, be it a remake, a return to the form of the original, or something experimental again along the lines of Sticker Star, is unknown. As for its announcement, all we know that it will be this year. I’m guessing it will be via a Nintendo Direct, if not at E3, and since I feel like we will be getting one soon, it would make sense to have this game be the big announcement. It has also be rumoured that Nintendo’s next home console, codenamed the Nintendo NX, will be released in the last quarter of 2016. If this rumour is indeed true, Paper Mario for the Wii U could bring that final ‘horrah’ before the supposed end of the console.

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  1. Matthew Williams

    I’ve only played the original for N64. Is it worth playing the other ones?

    • Matthew Gibson

      Thousand Year Door seems to be the best from what I’ve heard, and should be like the N64 original (so it must be good). Super Paper Mario is basically a platformer, and Sticker Star has less traditional RPG elements with a relatively uncreative story and characters (from what I remember).

  2. Jesse Waldack

    The N64 and GameCube Paper Mario games are the best two in the series. After that, things have gone down hill with the failed experiments.

    Hope this one goes back to the roots vs. tries something else experimental.

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