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We had the pleasure of interviewing Ono-san at NY Comic Con this year. We managed to get him to talk about Street Fighter X Tekken, Talk a bit about DarkStalkers, and even found out about his favorite little Blanka Toy. Come join us after the break to see a recording of the interview!

Nintendo is known for making some of the most weirdest and entertaining games around. Skyward Sword happens to be their newest title in the Zelda franchise and already it will be remembered for its creepy antagonist, Ghirahim.

While Ghirahim might be creepy, he is a very deadly boss to fight, as he can block your attacks and warp around the stage and surprise you with very strong attacks. It’s too bad he went up against our resident Zelda expert Will Thompson, who managed to beat him without getting hit once. Not only did he proclaim he wasn’t going to get hit, he actually pulled it off and was the first person at the show to do so.

Will has provided us with some tips to beat Ghirahim which you can find out after the break. Read the rest of this entry »


When people think fighting games they expect huge rosters of varied characters who can all do something a little different from eachother. Skullgirls is one of those games that has a smaller roster but each character is very unique. According to a representative from autumn games, their is plans for more characters on launch, but there was only five different characters to pick from during the demo. This included the wacky and cartoon like Peacock, a very sexy redheaded named Parasol, A wacky zombie cat girl called Ms. Fortune. Peacock being the range zone character, parasol being the charge character, and Ms. Fortune being a rush down.

Skullgirls has the mechanics that makes other fighters great, but it adds a new step to the game play as you can actually choose how many girls to bring to battle: If you like situations you can have three weaker fighters, or two balanced fighters to switch from, or if you want to master a character just one strong fighter. The game is balanced for all different kinds of matches, so players will be covered whether they want to fire off tag team combos or perfect a single skill set.

If you’re a fighting game fan you should keep you eye out for the game when it comes out as a downloadable title on both Xbox Live Arcade, and the Playstation Network.


Review: Wii Party

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Party games aren’t exactly hard to find on the Wii. It seems as though every company from Disney to 2K has tried their hand at crafting a party game on Wii because they are generally easy to develop at a low-cost and, on a family friendly system like the Wii, they do extremely well sales-wise. However, out of the 100+ “party” titles on the system, only a handful of them are ever really worth playing and even less are worth your hard-earned cash. Nintendo has already tried its hand at a party game once on Wii (not including the Wii Sports franchise) with Mario Party 8 and the result was, to put it lightly, a mediocre mess. Is their sophomore effort, Wii Party, a must-play or a party that simply isn’t any fun?
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